July Special

#5 Crochet Cotton

#5 Crochet Cotton

$2.75 per ball

reg 3.50 


3 NEW Colors in Nilo

Linen, silk, and cotton blend with 3 new colors

28, 44, 93

7 NEW Colors in Nevado

Acrylic and polyester blend with 7 new colors

 05, 33, 31, 48, 68, 93, 81

7 NEW Colors in Mimosa

Cotton/rayon blend with 7 new colors

 05, 33, 31, 48, 68, 93, 81

5 NEW Colors in Isuela

Great cotton yarn now has 5 new colors

 91, 19, 22, 41, 55

5 NEW Colors in Fiesta

Cotton yarn now has 5 new colors

 321, 391, 367, 306, 339

7 NEW Colors in Eulali

Pretty cotton yarn now has 6 new colors

 21, 2, 61, 36, 94, 33, 84

6 NEW Colors in Dalia

Another lucious cotton thread now has 6 new colors

 580, 532, 552, 537, 594, 526

6 NEW Colors in #5 Crochet Cotton

Great cotton thread now has 6 new colors

 72, 71, 76, 75, 74, 73

6 NEW Colors in Armonia

One of Omega’s wonderful cotton threads now has 6 new colors

new colors 12-15-15

 2, 19, 30, 36, 62, and 32

New Yarn

 Merlot is a soft, 3 stranded yarn with a delicate sheen. It is ideal for tops, shawls, sweaters and comfortable for men and children. It is 95%18062 cotton and 5% polyester. Each skein is 3.5 oz, 125 yards, and comes in 12 colors. Recommended hook E, needle 4.

New Yarn

NEVADO-1Nevado is a very soft, light texture yarn that’s perfect for all kinds of projects. The brilliant polyester strand enhances all 21 colors.

New yarns added to clearance (All colors still available by Special Order)art153fiesta

packageWe now have Macrame cord made by Omega. 100% nylon, 32 colors.

hilaza no 3 picture


10 NEW colors in Hilaza #3 & #6 Thread


Size 6 nylon size 24 roll picture



8 NEW Colors for #24 La Espiga & #6 La Espiga #’s 76-83

8 new colors

otono picture


28 NEW Colors in Otono

ball picture_03     

8 NEW Colors in Reforma


skein_09 (4)     


7 More NEW Colors in Eulali


trigo_01 (1)


5 More NEW Colors in Trigo




New Mimosa Patternmajestic mountain shawl mimosa

mimosach skeinMajestic Mountain Shawl in the Autumn ’16 issue Crochet! Magazine uses that wonderful cotton/rayon yarn Mimosa

sheer pleasure estiloNEW Pattern Shear Pleasure

This new crocheted  pattern uses Estilo. The silky feel and wonderful drape makes this a beautiful and versatile top that can be worn for an elegant evening or casually worn over jeans. Estilo skein

images (2)This has been an amazing 10 years and we wouldn’t be here without all of our most wonderful customers! Charmed is one of the first patterns I had listed on my site and now it’s available FREE to help us celebrate and give a little back. Stay tuned for more surprises soon! 

Coral-Bikini-Crochet-Pattern_mediumNew Patterns in Summer 2016 Interweave Crochet

Coral Bikini using Sinfonia and Mango Monokini by Jenny King using EulaliMango-Monokini-Bathing-Suit_medium

NEW Pretty Points Shawl Pattern

This crochet pattern was quite easy to make, just start at the neck and work down. It’s made with Omega #2 Nylon,


sinfonia_01 (1)NEW Tote Pattern

Vivid Floral Tote made with Sinfonia by Jennifer Ryan in “I Like Crochet” April 2016 digital magazine

NEW Crochet Pattern by Lena Skvagersoneulaliskein

Great design West Shore Tunic crochet pattern using Eulali

Corchet World_June 2016NEW Patterns in Crochet World

Great new patterns using Omega yarns in the June 2016 issue of Crochet World
Point Pleasant Wrap in Diamante
Wild Rose bag in Sinfonia

Seaside Cowl in Passy

CW_June 2016_Seaside Cowl CW_June2016_Wild Rose BagCW_June2016_Point Pleasant Wrap_2

NEW Crochet Pattern

DALIA from omegaflowering ponchoThe Flowering Poncho is made with Dalia, only takes 4-5 balls of that wonderful color #502 amazon. Sized up to 3X.

Summer2016Crochet!_Mei TopNEW Design

Great design Mei Top made with Eulali in the Summer 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine

Omega In April 2016 Crochet World

Great new designs in the current issue of Crochet World April 2016 using Sinfonia Sinfonia, #10 Crochet Cotton, and Fontana




March is National Crochet Month

All aboard…The Crochet Express for National Crochet Month Blog Tour March 2016 at crochetville.com
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Special Themed Activities

  1. Dining Car posts by Steward Tammy Hildebrand: She will post links to recipes for a daily afternoon drink special and snack as well as an evening meal entrée and dessert.
  2. Observation Car posts: Conductor Amy Shelton and Ticket Agent Donna Hulka will post questions designed to get the passengers talking. We’ll ask them to tell us about any patterns they purchased or downloaded, the favorite thing they saw or learned that day, anything to keep them active and talking in the group.
  3. You are welcome to create your own posts in both groups as well.

New Pattern Carefree Carryall

This crocheted bag is so easy to make using #18 La Espiga and you have 86 colors to choose from. Even the handle is unique and fun to make.


















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