Royale  This bag was made using 1 strand size 5 nylon and 1 strand nylon metallic.  The whole thing sparkles! Imagine the possibilities with combining threads! Here's the NEW free pattern (with corrections).
This little cell phone pouch was real easy to make. I just used size 9 Omega LaEspiga and added a little clip to attach it to your purse or belt loop. Here's the pattern
Aristocrat  This cute little clutch or swing purse was made with 2 rolls of Omega Nylon Metallic size 3 in #79 lilac/silver. The metallic is available in 23 colors .The pattern is a variation on the shell stitch.  Here's the pattern.
To Market, To Market Tote   This tote was so fun and easy to make. It just flowed right along. It stretches out really wide so you can fit anything in it. And since it's made out of this wonderful nylon, it will last forever. Just throw it in the washer and dryer and it's all new again. Just pick 3 rolls of your favorite colors out of the 74 choices of size 18 and get your free pattern here.
Purple Daisy   This little gem was fun to make. Use your imagination and create a flower to match your decor. Check out your choice of 88 colors in Omega size 2. Here's the pattern.
Dreamboat This tote was a lot of fun to make and is very practical and handy. Use your imagination and pick any of our 74 colors in size 18 LaEspiga Omega nylon. I used the griddle stitch (single crochet in a double then double crochet in a single) pattern but you could use any stitch pattern desired. With the selected colors I used a little over 2 rolls gray and a full roll of light pink. Here's the pattern. Have fun!!
Dazzle This bag is very easy to make. When I carried mine, everyone loved it. I'm going to make one for the summer now with a contrasting color ruffle. You can use any of the 74 colors in size 18 LaEspiga Omega nylon. I used 2 rolls #40 bronze and 1 roll #44 tan. Here's the pattern. Have fun!!
Ceci's patterns are wonderful and easy to do. Here's just one of the many.  Go here to see all of her wonderful work.
Nylon Cord Shells Wristlet Bag
Cutwork Glass Bowl - I used size 5 in gold
Christa's Bottle Holder made with La Espiga #18. Pattern is FREE here.
Little holiday basket using 1 roll size #18 La Espiga. Want a different size basket, just go up or down in size with the thread. So easy. Pattern available here
Cute little heart to make with our nylon. I used size #5 in color #9. Or any thread or yarn would work. Just adjust your hook size. Here's the FREE pattern.
Easy little necklace made with Omega nylon #2. Be creative and use any charm you like, you'll make your own chain to hold it. Free pattern here.
Another easy little necklaces made with Omega nylon #5. A little more pattern to show off. Free pattern here.
Picture or credit card wallet made with La Espiga nylon #9. So easy and practical. 75 colors to choose from. Free pattern here.
Yvonne's Nylon Flowers
FREE Pattern available here
Drew's Travel Jewelry Pouch
Nancy's new Escarcha scarf Simply Single Crochet Cap
Availalble here
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