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Why & How?
Crocheting has been a part of my life for over 40 years. I have many, many books and magazines because I am always looking for something new, either a pattern, yarn or thread. When I discovered nylon thread, namely Hilos Omega. I was amazed at the feel when working with it, the clean look of the finished product, and the amazing versatility it offers. Then I learned the size I was using comes in 74 different colors. There is nothing I can't make with it.
This thread was very hard to find so I decided to become a distributor. And I knew that there are lots of other crocheters out there that would be amazed at all the possibilities.
And then I found out that they carry a ton of yarns and other threads that I had never seen before. I'm in heaven!!!

Rosita's OmegaCrys Coverup
#9 La Espiga Necklace
#24 La Espiga Bag
Annie's Sinfonia Weave Strap
#9 La Espiga
Pop Top Bags
Amy's Trigo Top
Taddy's version of the Isuela Leigh Top
Markie's #2 Omega Nylon Earrings
Sally's Dalia Ties
Arminda's Sinfonia Shoes
Carol's #24 La Espiga Bag
Rita's Poptabs #2 Omega Nylon Designs
Betty Fay's Mimosa Sideways Sassy Lace Top
Fay's  Sinfonia Sweater
And Kirk's Broom
Brandy's #18 La Espiga Bag
Maria's Dalia "Camille" Top
Kathy's Sinfonia Doll
#18 La Espiga Bag
Darlene's Shiloh Sweater in Sinfonia
La Espiga #18 Bracelets
Zoraya's #2 Omega Nylon Jewelry and Marita's Doily
Inspiration is Free!!
  ....  more
Elaine's Dalia Chevron Backpack
And Dalia Fairy Circle Handbag
Lydia's and Rosa's #9 La Espiga Bags
Kathy's Sinfonia Doll
Patti's Fontana Layette
NEW Diamond Vest pattern,  crocheted in the unique yarn  Mimosa
a cotton/rayon blend
Great pattern using Fontana by Lily Chin in Crochet! magazine  Summer 2014

NEW  Crochetville CAL with the Leigh Mesh Top, a great crocheted pattern by Jenny King and created in the Isuela yarn, Join the fun and you'll have a wonderful garment for those warm sunny days!
New pattern using Trigo in Crochet! Summer 2014
Amazing jar covers by Deb Arch in Summer 2014 Crochet! magazine
She used Fontanta, Crochet Cotton #5 and Crochet Cotton #10
Annies asked me for some crochet tips that I live by
The Dress-Up Tunic is crocheted in the luscious Mimosa yarn
Available in 16 amazing colors
Another amazing  Sinfonia sweater in April 2014 Knit Style magazine
Jenny's Waterfall Necklace pattern using Eulali
Elain at ABC Knitting's Free Sense of Summer Seamless Top pattern in  Sinfonia
Crochet in a Snap special issue of Annies, motifs using
#10 Crochet Cotton
Jenny King's Zoe pattern in Eulali
And Jenny King's new design also using Eulali in Interweave Crochet Summer 2014
  NEW College Bag Pattern
crocheted in my favorite sports team colors with
#18 La Espiga
You pick your favorite colors out of 86 available colors
2 Amazing Designers
Prudence Mapstone's Eulali freeform necklace
Darling little scarf in La Perla in theJune 2014 issue Crochet World
  NEW This crocheted bag Hanna hobo style uses 2 rolls of size
#9 La Espiga, #38 mist.
This weekend we showed off our yarn bomb in Temecula at the museum. We had so much fun, used lots of Omega yarn, and wowed the park goers.
This Comfy Cropped Cardigan is crocheted in the soft lace weight Sol yarn. Sized up to XXL.
We sponsored the Crochet Guild of America Design Competition. Look at this amazing grand prize winner!
Us crocheters are terrific designers!
New crocheted
Melanie Jacket pattern uses Dalia, a wonderful 100% mercerized cotton thread.  This one made with one of the new solid colors. Sized up to 3X.
10 NEW  Colors in Dalia
6 NEW  Colors in Bebe Seda
7 NEW  Colors in Armonia
8 NEW  Colors in Fiesta
Elastic Yarn Thread
Now available in black also
colorful acrylic
polyester metallic
cotton blend
6 NEW variegated colors in Escarcha 
6 NEW colors in Nilo
7 NEW colors in Sophie
10 NEW colors in OmegaCrys
baby alpaca blend
6 Exciting NEW Yarns
10 NEW colors in Eulali
delicate baby
rayon blend
New link to retailers selling
Omega Products
Stop by their shops for a hands on experience
We now have
Imra Tunisian Crochet Hooks
Available sizes 2mm to 7mm
6 NEW colors in Dalia
NEW  Isuela is a 100% mercerized cotton, lace weight. Very soft with a high quality feel and subtle shine. Easy to knit and crochet with. Available in 12 colors.
5 luscious NEW Colors
in Armonia
5 More NEW Colors in Trigo
7 More NEW Colors in Eulali
8 NEW Colors in Reforma
28 NEW Colors
in Otono
8 NEW Colors
for #24 La Espiga
& #6 La Espiga
Many colors Bitamm & Bitamm Brillante added to Clearance
Full line still available by Special Order (as all clearance iems are)
We now have this amazing Macrame cord made by Omega. 100% nylon and available in 32 colors.
10 NEW colors in Hilaza #3 & #6 Thread
New yarns added to clearance
(All colors still available by Special Order)
NEW YARN Nevado is a very soft, light texture yarn that's perfect for all kinds of projects. The brilliant polyester strand enhances all 21 colors.
6 pack #2 Omega Nylon
all one color
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