She is so talented and loves using Omega’s yarns and threads. Eulali’s a light cotton that is so versatile. I imagine these sandals are very comfortable!


Great Crocheted Hat Made with Sinfonia

Join this lovely CAL in Furls Crochet Group with Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio to make this Shangri-la Sunhat that uses Sinfonia! She has a tutorial that will help guide you all the way, plus she’ll be hanging out in the Furls group to answer your questions.





NEW Sinfonia Pattern in the August 2017 Issue Crochet World

Variations Tapestry Tote gives you the ability to add geometric designs to your crochet. Using 2 or more colors and single crochet, you can create visually appealing designs that are fun to work.

And since the Sinfonia comes in 89 colors, your options are endless.




Garden Party Table Topper

Tea in the garden is made even more special when served on this lovely table topper made with #5 Crochet Cotton. Use the filet technique to create flowers, butterflies, and more. Design by Kathryn White in the Summer 2017 issue of Interweave Crochet




The Wedding Dress by Jenny King in Eulali

 This dress was made by teachers at Omega for a huge trade show in Mexico City. Jenny’s design is awesome and she loves Eulali!




Great Bags made with Sinfonia

Kathy’s making some terrific bags out of Sinfonia. See more and patterns coming soon!




2 New Designs in Crochet World June 2017

Beachcomber Hat and Lena’s Pouches both made with Sinfonia   




And Another New Design by Lena Skvagerson Using Sinfonia

This is the Mandala Bag pattern



Sheer Southern Style Sun Hat

Another wonderful project in Crochet! Summer 2017 Magazine. This crochet pattern uses Sinfonia.   




New Tulip Top Pattern made with Estilo

This new crocheted pattern uses Estilo. The pattern is simple but elegant, easy and fun to make, sized S-3X.   Only takes 2-3 skeins since each skein has over 800 yards. 




This Says It All




NEW Omega Yarn Patterns in Crochet! Summer 2017

 Blissful Blooms made with Dalia and Audra Peasant with Eulali. Both designs by Jill Hanratty. And Anchors Aweigh Tote in Sinfonia by Kathy Olivarez






Alla Koval’s NEW Blanket Pattern

 Alla’s new pattern Baby’s Breath at Little City Girl can be made with #10 Crochet Cotton, Perle, or Trigo! Isn’t that amazing?! Make it any color or size you like and you’ll have a beautiful project as an heirloom or gift. 




NEW Pattern Gumdrop Sweater 

 Spring sweater Gumdrop made with Sol, a light, soft and airy yarn. This pattern is so versatile, wear over anything, dress, tank top or shirt.



NEW Cool Elegance Cardi Made with Estilo 

 Beautiful sweater in the April 2017 Special Issue of Creative Knitting 1 2 & 3 Skein Solutions made by Melissa Leapman with Estilo



Another NEW Design by Jill Hanratty

This Smocked Eyelet Top pattern in the April 2017 issue of Crochet World that uses Dalia



NEW Design by Jill Hanratty

Another new design also in Crochet World’s Marvelous Crochet Motifs issue by Jill Hanratty. This top was made with Eulali, isn’t it darling?!



Darling New Perle Yarn Pattern

Alla of Alla Koval Designs has done it again with darling Sova Amigurumi, Keychain, Bag Accessory for Kids & Adult. Made with Omega’s Perle they are quite easy to make, she’s amazing!





NEW Annies Marvelous Crochet Motifs featuring Sinfonia 

Great new crochet magazine loaded with projects, especially this Spring Posy Bag by Deb Arch which uses Sinfonia. The magazine is available here and you can also sign up for her classes here. She loves Omega yarns and uses them often.




FREE Pattern 

Make this and give to your favorite “friend”. It has always been one of my favorites! I used #5 Omega Nylon. 

Creativation Trade Show

We had an amazing time at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Phoenix. Great people, contacts and products to be seen. This is me, Marina who is the owner of Omega, and Helena her niece that is working at Omega. Almost a week we spent sharing ideas and planning for the future. 

Here you can see more of our booth and Perla!

New Pattern Collection Using Omega Yarns

Annie‚Äôs Signature Designs announces Spring Breeze Collection, 20+ knit and crochet patterns for the modern yarn crafter. This is an exclusive pattern collection of 20+ knit and crochet designs coming out on February 10, 2017. Wisteria in white and teals is made with Sinfonia and Serein (pattern by yours truly) in cream made with Mimosa!


Beautiful Wedding Dress by Jenny King

Any bride will look lovely in this vintage-inspired pineapple lace masterpiece! Design is made using Eulali fingering-weight cotton yarn. Pattern and yarn available at Annie’s and will be published in Crochet! magazine Spring 2017.


New Pattern Daytime Duster

Daytime Duster is made with Dalia, a fingering-weight cotton yarn/thread. The open weave stitch pattern, length and hood makes it an ideal coverup. Pattern is sized up to 3X and takes up to 7 balls.


Great New Patterns using Omega in Crochet World

February 2017 Crochet World has these wonderful new designs.

Sunny Day Curtain was made with Sinfonia

Ruby’s Cafe Shade was made with Hilaza


And Flowers in a Row were made with Crochet Cotton #10

Crochet! Magazine Using Fontana

New design Twist of Lace Belted Pullover in the Winter 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine!! It’s made with the lovely cotton yarn Fontana, sport weight that just flows as you work with it.


Jenny King’s Get Squared Dress Kit

Beautiful design using lots of colors of Armonia that she makes easy with her kit. And the Get Squared pattern is not only unique but a snap to make! Designers do not ccme any more enchanting!!


NEW Pattern Shell Game Jumper

This crocheted jumper was made with #5 Crochet Cotton which is one of Omega’s terrific cottons that is so much fun to work with. It’s actually very therapeutic. Pattern is sized up to 3X and takes 7 to 11 balls to complete.


Annies New Autumn Bliss Collection

autumn-blissThis collection of crocheted and knitted designs by Lena Skvagerson are wonderful. Included is this darling Cinereal Granny Set made with Escarcha. Visit Annies for all the Crochet and Knit Lookbook patterns.


NEW Pattern Seashore Top

This simple little cropped top uses Estilo,  that wonderfully soft lacy yarn that comes 800 yards to a skein.


Jenny King’s New Creations using Mimosa

Great new designs by Jenny King using that wonderful cotton/rayon blend yarn Mimosa. Here’s Jenny’s website.


NEW Partly Pineapple Poncho Pattern

sinfonia_01 (4)This new crocheted poncho pattern uses that wonderful cotton yarn Sinfonia. This open work pattern has great drape, loose fitting and quite comfortable.


New Sinfonia Patterninterweave sinfoniasinfonia interweave bag

Vintage Crochet, a special publication of Interweave’s Piecework, has this lovely market bag made with Sinfonia by Tammy Hildebrand 

images (2)


Flirty Flare Pattern


Omegacrys picture goldThis has been an amazing 10 years

and we wouldn’t be here without all of our most wonderful customers!

Flirty Flare is one of the first patterns I had listed on my site and now it’s available FREE to help us celebrate and give a little back. Stay tuned for more surprises soon! 

FREE for our 10 year celebration (for a limited time)  

Sunny Pineapple Afghan Pattern

mimosach skeinThe NEW Sunny Pineapple Afghan is crocheted in the luscious Mimosa yarn. I love the bright yellow color(04), the soft feel, and unique edging. This one took 17 skeins, it’s 7.5’x5′. But you could easily drop or add any rows to make it smaller or bigger. And Mimosa now comes in 23 colors

New Mimosa Patternmajestic mountain shawl mimosa

mimosach skeinMajestic Mountain Shawl in the Autumn ’16 issue Crochet! Magazine uses that wonderful cotton/rayon yarn Mimosa





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