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Learn Slip Stitlearn slip stitch crochetch Crochet    Crochet these fabulous designs from Annie’s Attic with just two easy stitches. Slip stitch crochet is the oldest crochet technique in print. Make these warm, cozy, and beautiful projects while perfecting your crochet skills, too! All skill levels. IT202  retail 7.95

Price: $3.95

2292Fun & Fashionable Accents   10 crochet ideas to rev up your wardrobe. Ten projects, all rated as “easy” include the Ruby Wrap, True Blue Flower slippers, Furry Finish Collar & Cuffs, Furry Flap Purse, Here’s the Skinny (scarf), Mimosa Flower slippers, Lacy Shawl, Hot Stuff Slippers, Hug Me Vest and Knotted Chains Scarf. IT160  MSR $6.99 

Price: $3.50

Just Scarves 12.00Just Scarves  Favorite patterns to knit and crochet. Provides both new and experienced crafters with looks that are all original, clear and fully illustrated, and bright, snappy designs. IT63   MSR  $12.00 

Price: $5.95


Crochet for the Kitchen 7.95 drgCrochet for the Kitchen    These blue posy and vibrant blossoms’ patterns are perfect for bridal showers or hostess gifts.  IT24   MSR  $7.95  

Price: $3.95

2959_1Red, White & Blue Afghans   Show your patriotic pride with this collection of five striking all-American designs. Stars & Stripes, a spectacular crocheted flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes, adheres to the official design and proportions of the U.S. flag. With this hand-stitched Old Glory, you’ll make a striking statement in a family room or on a covered porch. Sea to Sea — Blue Plaid displays a real beauty you’ll want to stitch for year-round use. You also get American Ripple, Fourth of July Fireworks and Patriotic Stripes to round out the collection. Use worsted yarn. Finished sizes are about 50 x 60 inches. IT131  MSR $6.50 

Price: $3.25

crochet chicCrochet Chic    Crocheting accessories can be a quick, simple, and rewarding way to enhance a wardrobe-and build needleworking skills. Thanks to Francine Toukou, these sophisticated patterns have a distinctively urban edge, sassy design aesthetic, and imaginative use of color. Stitchers of every level will want to grab their hooks and dive into such fashionable projects as a lovely pink mohair neck wrap with frilly, feminine edges; a snuggly brown scarf, worked in chunky wool and featuring flower attachments along its length; and a fabulous elongated clutch with a snap closure and decorative medallion. In addition to the basic stitches, Toukou offers invaluable advice on working with budget yarns and mastering special skills, including tassel-making, felting, and appliqué.  IT179  Retail 24.95 

Price: $12.50

1584795808Loop-d-Loop    By her own admission, Teva Durham used to be a “knit snob.” No longer. Now, the influential needlecraft guru has become a “two-timer,” bringing the same ingenuity, innovative eye, and solid fashion sense that she’s always exhibited in her knitting design to the world of crochet. n Loop-d-Loop Crochet, Durham presents more than 25 designs that are as up-to-the-minute, style-wise, as they are thoroughly steeped in crochet stitchwork tradition. Each of the projects, which range from purses, skirts, shawls, and sweaters for the whole family to a hammock and a pair of brocade boots, epitomizes Durham’s signature design sensibility, which she describes as “a tension of opposites-rough-hewn yet delicate, stark yet feminine, organic yet structured.” Decked out in evocative color photographs (by Adrian Buckmaster), a diverse cast of models show off the finished garments.   IT105  MSR  $27.50 

Price: $13.75

3090_1Hooks-Only Quick-Stitch Afghans 15 fun-to-crochet afghans that can be made with no needles required! Skill level: Easy to experienced.  IT136  MSR $6.95 

Price: $3.50

Mosaic Crochet ThrowsMosaic Crochet Throws Explore the possibilities of mosaic crochet with this stunning collection of throws and afghans, each shown in several colorways. Seven colorful charted designs to create easy afghan works of art with medium worsted weight yarns. Intermediate skill level.  IT108  MSR $6.95 

Price: $3.50

super finishing techniquesSuper Finishing Techniques for Crocheters    No matter whether you’re just learning to crochet or are more experienced, you’ll find the simple techniques needed for creating beautifully finished items-as well as pick up new techniques to hone your skills and help push you to the next level-in this useful book. You’ll also find a useful section on crochet basics and ten fun projects, with plenty of how-to tips to adapt them to your own style. No matter what your next project is, whether it’s felted slippers, a pretty scarf, or a baby sweater, here is the book to help you complete it perfectly.  IT192  Retail $22.99 

Price: $11.95

prayerPrayer Shawl Ministry   This eagerly anticipated second volume of The Prayer Shawl Ministry book includes 10 shawl patterns to knit or crochet and a heartwarming follow-up on the ministries introduced in the first book. 10 designs: KNIT SHAWL PATTERNS: Garter Stitch, Cabled, Chevron, and Lacy; CROCHET SHAWL PATTERNS: Open Mesh, Wave, Lacework, and Elegant; FRIENDSHIP SHAWL PATTERNS: Knit Diamond and Crochet Granny Square. IT150  MSR $11.95 

Price: $5.95


smartThumbnailForPano_05Floral Afghans  Pick any of the five perennial wraps in this Little Book to refresh your home all year ‘round. Our flower patch of afghans is blooming with pansies, roses, wildflowers and more that will bring out the warmth and beauty of spring, in and out of season. All use worsted weight yarn.  IT157  MSR $3.50 

Price: $1.75

 active pictureActive is an attractive mix of colors, twisted in a loopy style. It is 20% rayon, 20% polyester, 35% cotton and 25% acrylic. Each ball is 1.23 oz., 92 yards. Recommended hook size H, needles size 5. Retail $3.70 

Price: $1.80

Rayito yarn pictureRayito is 73% acrylic and 27% polyamide nylon. This is light yarn, a little thinner than a sport  weight, that is ideal for all types of articles. Very soft and a pleasure to work with. Each skein is 3.52 oz. 503 yards. Recommended hook size D, needles size 3. Retail $4.55 

Price: $2.25

 ku ku super yarn pictureKuKu Super is 100% acrylic fiber. Economical and ideal for large projects. Great for clothing and accessories. Each skein is 7.02 oz. 494 yards. Recommended hook size G, needle size 7. Retail $8.70

Price: $4.20

Super Bebe yarn picture Super Bebe 100/Super Bebe 100 Pintitasis 70% acrylic and 30% polyamide nylon. It has a fine weave with a soft shine. Great for infant and baby clothes. Each skein is 3.53 oz. 415 yards.  Recommended hook size C/2, size 4 needlesRetail $6.05 


Price: $2.60

Super Bee 100 Pintitas “speckled” colors   Retail $6.65

Price: $3.30

ku ku 100 yarn picture Ku Ku 100 is 100% acrylic. It is light and economical. Great for all types of clothing and articles for the home. Each skein is 3.52 oz. 372 yards and comes in 31 colors. Recommended hook size D/3, size 7 needles. retail $5.10  

Price: $2.55

Baby Nube is a very soft and smooth yarn with fabulous texture. Feels like the softest terry cloth and great for baby garments. It is 100% polyamide (nylon). Each skein is 1.76 oz, 175 yards, and comes in 7 olors. Recommended hook size E, needles 4. retail $5.46  

Price: $2.70


nabucco skein

Nabucco is a soft thick yarn with viscose color chips that make it very original and charming. It is 95% acrylic and 5% viscose. Each skein is 3.52 oz., 120 yards, and comes in 7 colors. retail $5.65

Price: $2.80

yarn picture Casiopea is an elegant fur yarn with a touch of metallic . It is 63% polyester and 37% polyester metallic., Each skein is 1.76 oz, 71 yards. Retail $5.50  

Price: $2.65

fifiskein Fifi is an attractive fir with loops and short strands of color. It is 65% polyester and 35% acrylic. Each skein is 1.76 oz, 44 yards. Retail $4.10  

Price: $2.00

otelo skein Otelo 100% acrylic yarn is soft, thick, and the multi colored choices make the perfect fashion statement.  Each skein is 1.76 oz, 57 yards. Recommended hook K/11, needles #10.5. retail $6.45  

Price: $3.10

Kinder pictureKinder  is a 4 ply 100% acrylic yarn. It has veryvivid colors, very economical and versatile. Great for children’s clothing. Each skein is 3.52 oz. 273 yards. Recommended hook G/6, size 7 needles. retail $4.65 

Price: $2.32

baby seda yarn standards 3Bebe Seda is 90% acrylic and 10% Rayon. It is very smooth that’s a result of acrylic surrounding a silky rayon fiber. Each skein is 3.53 oz., 202 yards, and available in 18 colors. Recommended hook C/2 and size 3 needles. retail $5.50 

Price: $2.75

Derby Derby is 50% wool and 50% acrylic. This very soft and pleasant yarn has elegant tones twisted within. Each ball is  154 yards, 3.52 oz. Recommended hook size J, needles 10.5. retail $9.70  

Price: $4.50

ROYAL Royal is a unique blend of 85% acrylic and 15% wool. This thick yarn is ideal for making quick scarves, sweaters, coats, and ponchos. Each skein is 3.52 oz. 131 yards. Recommended hook size K, needles size 10. retail $5.05  

Price: $2.50

elpato turista yarn standards 4

El Pato Turista is 100% acrylic. It’s the classic craft yarn, ideal for fast finish articles. Each skein is 1.76 oz. 131 yards, and comes in 25 colors. Recommened hook size G, size 7 needles. retail $2.70  

Price: $1.25

MONET3_IMGMonet is a bulky chunky yarn that has beautiful multi colored tones that create vivid variations. Each skein is 147 yards, 3.52 oz. Recommended hook size K, needles 10. retail $11.75

Price: $5.55

sport tamm yarn picture
Sport Tamm is 73% acrylic and 27% nylon. Each skein is 3.52 oz., 256 yards. Recommended hook size G/6, needles size 7. retail $4.80

Price: $2.35

polar yarn picture

Polar is 50% acrylic and 50% polyamide nylon. It’s very fashionable looking with a frostlike appearance. Great for any heavy weave type project. Each skein is 3.53 oz. 153 yards. Recommended hook size H, needles size 7 retail $5.00

Price: $2.40

punto yarn picture
is 73% acrylic and 27% polyamide nylon. It’s heavy and thick, great for quick garments and articles for the home. Each skein is 7.06 oz. 262 yards. Recommended hook size J, needle size 10. retail $8.85

Price: $4.25

RIVIERA new skein
Grande is a bit heavier than the Riviera. It has 3.5 oz., 103 yards, and comes in 13 colors. Recommended hook size J/10, needle 10. retail $8.75

Price: $4.25

skn pictureFiore is a classic fur yarn but much richer and elegant, and comes in great unique colors. It is 100% polyester. Each skein is 1.76 oz, 88 yards. Retail $3.70

Price: $1.80

skein picture
is an economical heavy yarn that makes it ideal for fast projects, including school work. Each skein comes in it’s own separate easy pull bag. It is 73% acrylic and 27% polyamide. Each skein is 1.76 oz., 71 yards. Retail $2.40

Price: $1.20

bitamm yarn standards 4
is 100% acrylic worsted weight and very soft. Great for heavy woven projects. Recommended hook size E/4, needles size 7, 218 yard 3.5 oz. skein. Retail $4.35 

Price: $2.15

Brilliante skein
Bitamm Brillante 
is 85% acrylic and 15% polyamide nylon. This “brillante” yarn has a sparkle that adds a lovely shine to your finished garments. Retail $4.75

Price: $2.30