OmegaCrys 40gr/100gr

OmegaCrys 40gr (exactly the same yarn as Omega Baby, just a different label) is 68% acrylic & 32% polyester finger weight yarn. Very smooth with a polyester fiber to add brightness. Perfect for all smooth and fine hand woven items. Perfect for baby garments. Recommended hook size B/1, needle 0. 282 yards 1.4 oz balls, available in 99 colors.

Retail $2.95  6/$17.70standards 1 omegacrys standards

     1 Skein

Price: $2.50

     6 Skeins All One Color

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Some of the OmegaCrys is available in several colors in 100 gr skeins, 2 1/2 times larger than the 40g gr balls.  68% acrylic & 32% polyester finger weight yarn. 705 yards 3.5 oz skeins, available in 19 colors..

Retail $5.45  6/$32.70

1 Skein

Price: $4.65

6 Skeins All One Color 

Price: $26.50

New Pattern in February 2018 Crochet World

Playful Hearts by Debra Arch using OmegaCrys



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