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Most Books in Their Native Text and all include very easy to follow charts

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Puntorama Ganchillo No 319   Crocheted doilies, wall hangings, etc. All charted. IT834 retail $14.00 

Price: $11.90

Clip4_02Puntorama Ganchillo No. 320   Crocheted baskets, fans, baskets, etc. All charted. 31 pgs. IT628 MSR $8.95 

Price: $7.60

Ganchillo Puntorama 334Puntorama Ganchillo No 334   Crocheted sweater, doll, table runners, etc. All charted. IT830 retail $14.00 

Price: $11.90

Puntorama 336 (1)
Puntorama Ganchillo No 336   Crocheted doilies, doll dress, table runner, etc. All charted. IT825 retail $14.00 

Price: $11.90

Puntorama 3370001 (1)Puntorama Ganchillo No 337  Crocheted doilies, umbrella, table runner, etc. All charted. IT824 retail $14.00 

Price: $11.90