Crochet Snob

… credo to us crocheters who are so proud of our craft

I must admit I’m hopelessly hooked on crochet
It consumes my thoughts a good part of my day
Design a purse, make a scarf; threads, yarns, I have a gob
I’ll try to make anything. Maybe now I’m a Crochet Snob!     Mona

So here I sit, midnight again,
Can’t get enough crochetin’ in,
Tryin’ to get my ideas done
is a battling that’s never won!
Brain’s on overload ‘n eyes are droopin,
But I just can’t quit, loopity loopin’!  Peggy

A snob I am, a snob I’ll be
Until someone takes my hook from me     Avis

Whether yarn or thread, ribbon or wire
Of designing new creations, I never tire NiYa
Projects and gifts, I’m forever creating;
I’m always busy, and ready and waiting
for the next idea to fill my heart.
Crocheters unite! I’ll do my part!    Christine

My husband has learned, he’s now in the know
He even says it for me: “Just one more row!”     Barbara

We go on a trip, I look for yarn
He says I have enough to fill a barn.     Stacy

But the colors I yearn I cannot find
They are the colors of times long left behind     Barbara

Crochet is my passion, a talent for a select few
Thank you God for this blessing anew.     Karen

The feel of the yarn, all the colors so true
So blessed to crochet with friends like you.     Kathy

Yarn, hooks, patterns…oh, my
A stash piled almost as high as the sky     BklynVonne

I’m always at ease with thread & hook
It even beats mother’s, “just bring a book!”     Tyche

Creating with yarn is the life for me…
A crochet hook, a skein, and in heaven I’ll be!     Vic

Crochet a purse, dress a baby
Soon another gift – maybe     Donna

Knitting keeps me counting, is this right?
Crochet makes me Joyful. This is right!     Kathy Mary

Anything with thread, I love to create.
Selling my “stuff” makes me feel great!     Judy/Haus In Taus

When I crochet, I sometimes pause.
What can I create for a good cause?     Chris

In Duluth Minnesnota, the winters can be long
I start to crochet and in my heart comes a song     Joyce Pegors

It ain’t over til you yarn over.
But we know that. Crochet Lover.     Jan in sunny Summerville

Crocheting is contagious
Or so it’s been stated
So hand me the hooks and the yarn
I’ve been vaccinated!     Blaze LaFlame

Can’t wait to finish, can’t wait to start.
I think this yarn is crocheted in my heart!     Mag

When I was seven
I learned how to knit
One simple stitch
So a fire wasn’t lit
But I learned to crochet
When I was just eight
The knitting I’d done
Would then have to wait!     Jen

I wish I could crochet as fast as my mother
I’d make something for everyone,
Even my snot nosed brother!     Monica

A crochet snob, no not me,
I found a hobby that sets me free
go check my stash for another skein
I need to crochet it keeps me sane….     Debb

My Grandmother sat beside me when I was just seven
“It was about time”, she said, for me to create
She taught me to chain and I was in heaven.
Those memories make me wonder, as I meditate,
Couldn’t more problems be solved if we could just all crochet?     Denise

I came late to the crochet ball
But I’ll be dancing with hooks until the good Lord calls
And then if they say I can’t come in
I’ll just tell ’em it’s crochet for the angels and hook them a hymn.  pburroughs

So Late in to the night I sit in bed thinking I can’t wait to get
it done. Just a few more rows and then I am done. The next mornings comes
and the same thought is in my head and I find that my heaven would be full
of yarn and hooks. It is too true that I am a crochet snob and to the end
I will always be until the good Lord calls me home and I tell him just a
few more rows please.   Erica

Knitting is for some but not for me
Crochet is my passion its all I need
I can’t get enough of hooks, books, and yarn
Even though my clothes are torn
I’d rather buy yarn and crochet stuff than anything else
And in the future I might need a bigger house
Cause I will never stop
No matter what
I love crochet and it shows
Who need clothes!!  Amy

  I used to sew and eat sweet pickles.
But then I got hooked on doubles and trebles.
And now I crochet without them pickles.   Stitches

Quilting, Knitting, crocheting or any craft works,
Do them all with or without a book.
I love to make and design my own as well, to wear them or give to my pals.
I have tons of knitted and crochet stuffs, but they are never never enough.
So I am known as the crafty lady, Quilt, knit or crochet..yes.. i’m always ready!

My wrist, my arm and shoulder gets sore,
But I need to crochet just a little more.
One more row, just another stitch!
I love to crochet, I’ll never switch!   Flo

Gotta have the satisfaction
of a hook and some yarn
and a little wrist action.   Linda

I am a crochet addict
I don’t travel without my yarn, needles and crochet pattern.
I love crocheting.   Sadie

I work with string and a hook.
Don’t know how it’s going to look.
And I do not know why
I design on the fly.
Guess I just never looked at the book!   Sandy

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