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Shipping Policy

Domestic (USA)

We ship to all fifty states including American territories. Our goal is to ship all orders within the first 24 hours after purchase. All purchases made after 2pm EST will ship the following day. We ship United States Postal Service or UPS and default to the carrier with cheapest rate. All USPS are sent first class or priority mail and take 1-4 business days to arrive.  All UPS order are sent ground and take 1-5 business days to arrive. Our shipping rates are based on spend (USD) and a breakdown of can be seen below:

Special Orders take 3-4 weeks to arrive at our facility. We ship all special-order items within 24 hours after arrival and the above shipping declarations apply thereafter. All special order items are clearly noted on our product pages.

Sold Out/Out of Stock ship separately 2-4 weeks after purchase. We clearly mark the receipt included in your shipment AND provide a detailed listing of any outs on your purchase and shipping confirmation email.

*For expedited service please contact us first. Be warned that expedited service is extremely expensive and nearly all our customers deny the request after inquiry.


Shipping Rates


Purchase Price Shipping Price
$0.00 to $12.00 $4.50
$12.01 to $24.00 $6.00
$24.01 to $48.00 $7.50
$48.01 to $100 $9.00
Over $100 Free


International (Outside of USA)

Any purchase to be shipped outside of the USA is subject to additional shipping charges.

We will send you an electronic invoice for the additional International Shipping Charges

You may wonder why we don’t charge the entire shipping up front?  The system doesn’t properly determine international shipping charges and when auto generated are more expensive.  I personally search multiple carriers for the lowest rate available. Another reason is to exclude this amount from your packing slip receipt. Since your receipt only shows the domestic charges the lower total can help reduce or avoid triggering custom charges. 

We encourage requesting quotes before purchase though it’s not required. Please screenshot your cart (do not submit) OR email a list of what you want to order. Provide your name AND shipping address and we will provide a quote with 24 hours. Domestic rates will be charged at checkout and will be subtracted from international shipping quote. Please see the chart below after reading our policy.  

International shipping charges are based on weight and location and we pass along our discounted rates directly to customers. We do not profit off shipping. We credit $10.00 dollars towards international shipping charges for totals over $100.00 

*Please note there are no returns and all sales are final. 

*It’s your responsibility to look up any additional customs charges your country may charge as we do not determine these fees.


Purchase Price Domestic Rate
$0.00 to $12.00 International Shipping -$4.50 Shipping Quote
$12.01 to $24.00 International Shipping -$6.00 Shipping Quote
$24.01 to $48.00 International Shipping -$7.50 Shipping Quote
$48.01 to $100 International Shipping -$9.00 Shipping Quote
Over $100 International Shipping 0.00 with $10.00 credit Shipping Quote




Purchase Price International Rate Domestic Rate Total Quote
$10.00 $20.00 – $4.50 $15.50
$85.00 $35.00 -$9.00 $26.00
$105.00 $40.00 0.00 with  $10 credit $30.00