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bambooRattan Ring  Bamboo in natural(only 9 left), burnt(only 8 left), black(only 10 left), and silver(only 10 left).  2 5/8″ (inside) G-SB01 Reg $2.50

Price: $1.00

BIG Snaps  Sew-in for shawls and sweaters or whatever needs a that bold look. Square and round.


Square 30mm (1 1/4″) in silver(only 6 left), antique gold(only 6 left) or bronze(only 5 left) retail $6.00

Price: $2.90

Round 30mm (1 1/4″) in silver(only 2 left), antique gold(only 2 left) or black(only 2 left) retail $6.00

Price: $2.90

Magnetic Snap Closure
Purse snaps, includes matched magnets with integral mounting tabs and washers, sold in individual sets.  1/2″ silver (only 2 left) and 3/4″(18mm)black (only 12 left), antique gold (only 10 left). gold (only 19 left). Reg 2.00

Price: $0.90

ef35 cord caps 

Cord End-Cap 1/8″ Great for nylon jewelry. End-caps with fixed connector holes for 1/8″ cord. Gold (only 6 left) or nickel (only 13 left) G-EF35 retail $1.20 

Price: $0.50


Cord End-Cap 9.5×12 mm Great for nylon jewelry! Gold (only 6 left) or nickel(silver)(only 5 left) G-EF38 retail $7.00

Price: $3.25


Cord End-Cap 5×10 mm Great for nylon jewelry! Gold (only 6 left) or silver (only 5 left) G-EF36 retail $3.00

Price: $1.40


Cord End-Cap 7×12 mm Great for nylon jewelry! Silver (only 6 left) Gold (only 6 left)-G-EF37 retail $6.00

Price: $2.90


Cord End-Cap Assembly 1/4″ Great for nylon jewelry! Assembly consists of two end-caps with swivel connector, and connecting catch for 1/4″ cords. Silver G-EF33 retail $2.50 (only 11 left)

Price: $1.25


Cord End-Cap Assembly 3/16″ Great for nylon jewelry! Assembly consists of two end-caps with swivel connector, and connecting catch for 3/16″ cords. Gold (only 8 left) or silver (only 10 left)    G-EF34 retail $2.00

Price: $0.90

swivel clasp_01

Large swivel clasps (set of 2) Copper color   retail $2.49 (only 10 left)

Price: $1.00

Yarn Sleeves keeps yarn neat and tangle-free. Large (3) 10″ yarn sleeves in green, orange, and purple  D-N6312 retail $2.80    Only 3 left  

Price: $1.40

Susan Bates Steel Latch Hook Yarn Needles 2″ tapestry size 16, 5/pkg D-14080  retail $1.85

Price: $0.90

Velcro Strips Velcro will help hold those bag bottoms in place. Just peel and stick to the bottom or any other surface. No need to even put the other side to any nylon, it’ll stay in place and pull right off to wash. Each package has 4 sets 3.5″x.75″ white(only 6 left) or black(only 4 left). E-90075 retail $2.79   

Price: $1.35

single buckle


Tortoise Buckles with center bar   S-P01 

Small 30mm (only 4 left) Reg $2.20

Price: $1.10

Medium 40mm (only 1 left) Reg $2.40

Price: $1.20

Large 50mm (only 6 left) Reg $2.80

Price: $1.40

coco buckle


Coconut Buckle   1.75″ Rectangle buckle with two slits for fabric or ribbon. (only 5 left).B-CO retail $6.80

Price: $3.40

drk brown buckle


Wood Buckles with center bar, inside dimension S-W01D

Small dark brown 30mm (only 6 left) Reg $2.50

Price: $1.25

Large brown 50mm Reg $3.90 (only 4 left)

Price: $1.95

Large dark brown 50mm Reg $3.90 (only 2 left)

Price: $0.95

wood buckle


Natural Wood Buckles with center bar, inside dimension S-W01N

Small 30mm Reg $2.50 (only 8 left)

Price: $1.25

Large 50mm Reg $3.90 (only 11 left)

Price: $1.95

Horn Buckle Handmade oval two toned horn belt buckle. Gold and black. Size: 2-1/4″x3-5/8″. For home decor, crafts, fashion mode, and scrapbooking. N-6044   retail $5.19  (only 2 left)

Price: $2.50


crochet tape measureCrochet Happy Tape Measure  Features auto lock stop every inch and auto retract button on back. 60″ tape measure with inches on one side and centimeters on the other. E-652  retail 2.95

Price: $1.25

3mm end cap 

3mm End Cap & Clasp 3mm 2/Pkg SILVER CREEK-ReaLeather Crafts End Cap & Clasp. Perfect for belts; jackets; purses and much more. This package contains two sets of metal end caps with spring ring clasps for 3mm braided cord. E-0502 (only 5 left)  retail $2.99

Price: $1.45

5mm end cap


5mm End Cap & Clasp 3mm 2/Pkg SILVER CREEK-ReaLeather Crafts End Cap & Clasp. Perfect for belts; jackets; purses and much more. This package contains two sets of metal end caps with spring ring clasps for 5mm braided cord. E-0302 (only 4 left) retail $3.49

Price: $1.75

shawl1 (1)Shawl Pins

2.5″ Shawl pin made of dark wood with delicate engravings.This is the prettiest of them all. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT002 Reg $9.00 (only 4 left)

Price: $4.50

shawl22.5″ Shawl pin with smooth, thick, matte robles wood makes this one great shawl pin. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT003 Reg $10.00 (only 11 left)

Price: $5.00

shawl42.5″ Oblong wood shawl pin can be turned either way for use. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT004 Reg $9.00 (only 5 left)

Price: $4.50

shawl52.5″ Shawl pin with robles wood with rhinestones and engraved circle design. Sparkle with this shawl pin. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT005 Reg $12.00 (only 10 left)

Price: $6.00

shawl62.5″ Plain natural version of IT005r. So sweet & nice. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT005R Reg $9.00 (only 9 left)

Price: $4.50

shawl72.5″ Fabulous coconut dyed black makes this shawl pin a stunner! Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT006  Reg $8.00 (only 1 left)

Price: $4.00

shawl82.5″ Shawl pin of lovliness. Smooth wood with concave shape. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT007 Reg $8.00 (only 6 left)

Price: $4.00


Tamm 2000 is 100% acrylic. Each skein is 3.52 oz. 289 yards, recommended hook size G/6, size

4 needles. Color Reg $4.55

Price: $2.50


Bitamm Brillante is 85% acrylic and 15% polyamide nylon. This “brillante” yarn has a sparkle that adds a lovely shine to your finished garment. Reg $5.70 

Price: $2.50  

Crochet at Home  Get 25 small and quick crochet projects from top designers to add color and cheer to your home. In Crochet at Home, editor Brett Bara and a team of crochet experts bring 25 exciting home projects to life. Explore a collection of practical, pretty pieces for your kitchen, living room, and bedroom: from a riotously colorful blanket, to a delicate bunting of crocheted snowflakes, to flower-inspired trivets that are anything but dull-and even a full-sized ottoman! Retail $7.98 

Price: $4.00

crochet chicCrochet Chic    Crocheting accessories can be a quick, simple, and rewarding way to enhance a wardrobe-and build needleworking skills. Thanks to Francine Toukou, these sophisticated patterns have a distinctively urban edge, sassy design aesthetic, and imaginative use of color. Stitchers of every level will want to grab their hooks and dive into such fashionable projects as a lovely pink mohair neck wrap with frilly, feminine edges; a snuggly brown scarf, worked in chunky wool and featuring flower attachments along its length; and a fabulous elongated clutch with a snap closure and decorative medallion. In addition to the basic stitches, Toukou offers invaluable advice on working with budget yarns and mastering special skills, including tassel-making, felting, and appliqué.  IT179  Retail 24.95 

Price: $12.50

1584795808Loop-d-Loop    By her own admission, Teva Durham used to be a “knit snob.” No longer. Now, the influential needlecraft guru has become a “two-timer,” bringing the same ingenuity, innovative eye, and solid fashion sense that she’s always exhibited in her knitting design to the world of crochet. n Loop-d-Loop Crochet, Durham presents more than 25 designs that are as up-to-the-minute, style-wise, as they are thoroughly steeped in crochet stitchwork tradition. Each of the projects, which range from purses, skirts, shawls, and sweaters for the whole family to a hammock and a pair of brocade boots, epitomizes Durham’s signature design sensibility, which she describes as “a tension of opposites-rough-hewn yet delicate, stark yet feminine, organic yet structured.” Decked out in evocative color photographs (by Adrian Buckmaster), a diverse cast of models show off the finished garments.   IT105  MSR  $27.50 

Price: $13.75


smartThumbnailForPano_05Floral Afghans  Pick any of the five perennial wraps in this Little Book to refresh your home all year ‘round. Our flower patch of afghans is blooming with pansies, roses, wildflowers and more that will bring out the warmth and beauty of spring, in and out of season. All use worsted weight yarn.  IT157  MSR $3.50 

Price: $1.75