#6 La Espiga

Omega’s  La Espiga nylon 6, has 7 oz. per roll, 410 yards, and comes in 57 colors. Recommended hooks B/1. Compares to #3 cottons.

Retail $8.40 4-$33.60

   1 Roll

Price: $6.80


   4 Rolls All the Same Color

Price: $25.85

Creative Crochet in a Day


New publication from Crochet World with a project using #6 La Espiga called Pyramid Pouch by Deb Arch

Also check out Deb Arch’s 101 Crochet Solutions and Innovations class at Annie’s which is filled with 100+ “crochet life hacks” for making crocheting faster, easier, and even for fun and relaxing!







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We Love Using #6 La Espiga