Lining a Purse

I’m often asked how I line my purses so I took some pictures as I lined one. Hope it helps.


lining purse 1_small


Here’s the purse I’m going to line.


lining purse 2_small     

Fold lining material in half and with fold on bottom. lay purse area to be lined on top. Top of folded area should be about 1/2″ above top of purse.     

lining purse 3_small     

Measure approximately 1/2 ” on each side of purse and cut across top and down both sides.


lining purse 4_small

Sew each side with an approximate 1/2″ seam.

lining purse 5_small

Press seams open on both sides.

lining purse 6_small

Make box corners at the bottom corners of the lining by sewing across each seam. The stitch line should be approximately the same length as the depth of the purse.

lining purse 7_small

Clip corner to approximately 1/4″.

lining purse 8_small

Lining should start to look like a box.

lining purse 9_small

Turn down top edge approximately 1/2″ and press.

lining purse 10_small

Drop lining inside purse as is (wrong sides facing each other) and ease to fit. Pin in place approximately 1/4 to 1/2″ from top of front of purse.

     Make sure back of lining and purse are laying straight when pinned in place.

lining purse 11_small

Top stitch in place close to pressed edge.

pictures 12-13 003_small

Finished edge.

lining purse 13_small

Stitched seam of lining blends into crocheted stitches.


All Done!!!!


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