Sinfonia is a 6 ply sport weight 100% mercerized cotton, comes in a 218 yard 3.52 oz. skein, and 89 colors. It has a great sheen and drape for garments and it is smooth and tightly spun. It’s comparable to a size 3 thread and very similar to Tahki Stacy Charles Classic Cotton (which retails for $5.75 1.75 oz. 108 yards). Many people have said it’s their favorite to work with for garments and I’d have to agree Retail $6.95  5/$34.75standards 3 no fade

sinfonia standards 2

Washing & Care – We did a test on a RED garment made with Sinfonia and the results were amazing. No running of color or fading (looked the same as a cloth that was made out of the same color without washing). It did not shrink or stretch out of shape. Didn’t even need reblocked. We washed and dried it on delicate cycle. 

     1 Skein

Price: $5.90

     5 Skeins All One Color

Price: $28.00


   Sinfonia Plus is a stamped yarn, dyed in short segments like a sock yarn. Very pretty. Available in 6 colors.

Retail $8.00  5/$40.00

1 Skein

Price: $6.80

5 Skeins All One Color 

Price: $32.30


New Interweave Crochet Spring 2020

Great Larger Than Life Bag made with Sinfonia


New Book “Simple Crochet Big on Style” from Annies

Features patterns made with Sinfonia

Light & Airy Top and Calming Mandala


New pattern from Annie’s Signature Designs using Sinfonia

Summer Circles Cardi



Lovely New Patterns Using Omega Yarns in Annies Crochet Magazines 

Spring Breeze Tunic using Sinfonia & Natural Coral Reversible Scarf using Eulali in Crochet! Spring 2020


Autumn Hot Pad using Sinfonia in Crochet World October 2019




Side Split Casual Pullover and Wave Poncho using Sinfonia in Crochet! August 2019





Short Rib Dishcloths using Sinfonia in Crochet World August 2019




Pretty Posies Coasters and Pineapple Sunglasses Case both using Sinfonia in Crochet Word June 2019







New Book from Annies Featuring Lena Scavergerson Designs

A Gansey Crochet Home

Beautiful Rowany Gansey Table Runner made with Sinfonia





Celtic Knot Wall Art using Sinfonia

Jennifer Ryan’s Amazing Creation

Get pattern here











Eulali & Sinfonia Patterns in new Annies SIP


Beachside Wall hanging using Sinfonia

Caribbean Cabana Lights using Eulali

Both patterns in Crochet! Magazine Presents Spring 2019 Special: Crochet Home








Omega in Crochet! Magazine Spring 2019 


Light & Lacy Tank using Sinfonia

Welcome Summer Flip Flops using Mimosa

Super Simple Doilies using Eulali








Sun Flare Table Set in Sinfonia

design part of Annies Spring Collection 2019


View the Collection Here






Christmas Nine -Patch Hot Pad in December 2018 Crochet World

using Omega Crochet Cotton #10 and Sinfonia








Cute New Pattern Using Sinfonia

Trellis Bouquet Halter by Nancy Brown









New Pattern Using Sinfonia

Quatrefoil Drawstring Bag by Kathy on Ravelry









New Patterns Using Sinfonia from Jennifer Ryan





Many Mini Grannies Table Runner


New pattern in Crochet! Autumn 2018. This beautiful runner made with Sinfonia




Floral Napkin Rings Using Sinfonia



Published in June 2018 Crochet World



Jennifer’s Blog Post Projects Using Sinfonia


Killarney Hot Pad and Celtic Knot Pin



Flower Garden Made With Sinfonia

Check out the Susanna’s blog for pattern





New Patterns in Summer 2018 Crochet!

Circle All That Apply

Circle All That Apply in Sinfonia


Boho Eclipse Bag in Sinfonia

Jade Isles Shawl in Mimosa

Dreamers Geometry Mandala Earrings in #10 Crochet Cotton





Boutique-Style Crochet from Crochet! Magazine

Using Omega’s Sinfonia



Bahia Tote and Beachcomber Hat 






Crochet Gifts For All Occasions from Crochet World

Using Omega’s Yarns

Eulali used in Complexion Cloths


Sinfonia used in All Seasons Place Mats







Annies Spring Spirit Just Released Using Lots of Omega’s Pretty Yarns


Mimosa Sea Shell Cardi & Necklace








Eulali Coral Reef Set; hat, bag & sandals







Triad Baskets

Palmeras Placemats

Color Burst Coasters

Windway Cardigan & Top


Jubilant Table Runner

Pescado Potholders



New Patterns in Spring 2018 Crochet!

Catching Rays Oversized Tee using Omega Crochet Cotton #5

Gizelle Tee using Nevada

Golden Horizon Tunic using Sinfonia



New Pattern in Annie’s Crochet in a Weekend Magazine

Spa Retreat Facecloth using Sinfonia yarn







New Pattern in Crochet World

and a wonderful article about our great Sinfonia yarn

Frosty Friend Place Mat made with Sinfonia

Editor’s Faves





Great Crocheted Hat Made with Sinfonia

Join this lovely CAL in Furls Crochet Group with Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio to make this Shangri-la Sunhat that uses Sinfonia! She has a tutorial that will help guide you all the way, plus she’ll be hanging out in the Furls group to answer your questions.





NEW Sinfonia Pattern in the August 2017 Issue Crochet World

Variations Tapestry Tote gives you the ability to add geometric designs to your crochet. Using 2 or more colors and single crochet, you can create visually appealing designs that are fun to work.

And since the Sinfonia comes in 89 colors, your options are endless.




Great Bags made with Sinfonia

Kathy’s making some terrific bags out of Sinfonia. First pattern here, more patterns coming soon!




2 New Designs in Crochet World June 2017

Beachcomber Hat and Lena’s Pouches both made with Sinfonia   




And Another New Design by Lena Skvagerson Using Sinfonia

This Mandala Bag pattern is available here  



Sheer Southern Style Sun Hat

Another wonderful project in Crochet! Summer 2017 Magazine using Sinfonia   




NEW Omega Yarn Patterns in Crochet! Summer 2017

 Blissful Blooms made with Dalia and Audra Peasant with Eulali. Both designs by Jill Hanratty. And Anchors Aweigh Tote in Sinfonia by Kathy Olivarez






New Pattern Collection Using Omega Yarns

Annie’s Signature Designs announces Spring Breeze Collection, 20+ knit and crochet patterns for the modern yarn crafter. This is an exclusive pattern collection of 20+ knit and crochet designs coming out on February 10, 2017. Wisteria in white and teals is made with Sinfonia and Serein (pattern by yours truly) in cream made with Mimosa!


NEW Annies Marvelous Crochet Motifs featuring Sinfonia 

Great new crochet magazine loaded with projects, especially this Spring Posy Bag by Deb Arch which uses Sinfonia. The magazine is available here and you can also sign up for her classes here. She loves Omega yarns and uses them often.


Great New Patterns using Omega in Crochet World Magazine

February 2017 Crochet World has these wonderful new designs.

Sunny Day Curtain was made with Sinfonia


Ruby’s Cafe Shade was made with Hilaza


And Flowers in a Row were made with Crochet Cotton #10




NEW Partly Pineapple Poncho Pattern

This new crocheted poncho pattern uses Sinfonia. This open work pattern has great drape, loose fitting and quite comfortable.


New Sinfonia Patterninterweave sinfoniasinfonia interweave bag

Vintage Crochet, a special publication of Interweave’s Piecework, has this lovely market bag made with Sinfonia by Tammy Hildebrand 

Coral-Bikini-Crochet-Pattern_medium Mango-Monokini-Bathing-Suit_medium

New Patterns in Summer 2016 Interweave Crochet

Coral Bikini using Sinfonia and Mango Monokini by Jenny King using Eulali


NEW Tote Pattern in I Love Crochet

Vivid Floral Tote made with Sinfonia by Jennifer Ryan in I Love Crochet April 2016 issue, on stands now!


Corchet World_June 2016NEW Patterns in Crochet World

Great new patterns using Omega yarns in the June 2016 issue of Crochet World
Point Pleasant Wrap in Diamante
Wild Rose bag in Sinfonia

Seaside Cowl in Passy

CW_June 2016_Seaside Cowl CW_June2016_Wild Rose BagCW_June2016_Point Pleasant Wrap_2

Omega In April 2016 Crochet World

Great new designs in the current issue of Crochet World April 2016 using Sinfonia (Around Town Handbag and and Spring Blossoms Pillow), #10 Crochet Cotton, and Fontana




Spring 2016 Crochet! Magazine

Crochet!_Spring16_Eva Folk Jumper sinfoniaHere’s a lovely design using Omega in the Spring 2016 issue of Crochet! magazine.

Eva Folk Jumper designed by Jennifer E Ryan in







February 2016 Issue Crochet World

This isCW_Feb2016_Spa Retreat Facecloth sinfoniasue has some amazing projects using Omega’s Sinfonia for the Spa Retreat Facecloth



Jenny King’s Bolero Boutique

sinfonia skein

Here are some amazing patterns by this premier designer using Omega’s Sinfonia, Armonia, and Karen. She really brings out the best in these yarns. Download it Karen skein picturetoday!



nicole cowl sinfonia crochet magNEW in Crochet!

 New design Nicola Cowl made with Sinfonia in the winter issue of Crochet! magazine.  Simple but elegant.


NEW Pattern

 New crocheted Regina Raglan Pullover pattern uses that wonderful cotton yarn Sinfonia. Simple combination of V stitches worked into stripes in your choice of 89 colors.
Pattern sizes small to 3X, using 5 to 7 skeins in your choice of 89 colors.


Crochet World_Oct2015 NEW Crochet World

October 2015 issue Crochet World featured 2 patterns using Omega. Wine Country Tote uses #24La Espiga and Petaled Pumpkin Centerpiece uses Sinfonia Petaled Pumkin Centerpiece_CW2015Oct


  Special issue from Annies From Scraps to Sensational, 3 great designs using Omega Yarn. Chain-link Stripes Placemat uses Sinfonia, Pretty Girls Accessory Sets uses Super Bebe 100, and Animal Backpacks uses La Espiga #18


Crochet World 022 terrific designs in special issue Christmas Wish List from Crochet World magazine. Kitchen Gift Basket uses Sinfonia and Festive Table Runner uses #20 Crochet Cottonbasket crochet xmas sinfonia


jennifer sinfonia Mesh Bagsalla no 5 cotton Lace CuffsGreat new magazine coming out Crochet Scene by Interweave Crochet! 2 amazing patterns using Omega’s Sinfonia DIY Mesh Bags (by Jennifer Ryan) and #5 Crochet Cotton Lace Cuffs (by Alla Koval)


New June 2015 Crochet World magazine with 2 lovely patterns using Omega’s Sinfonia








Great new magazine Quick & Easy Crochet Accessories with many patterns using Omega’s Sinfonia & Estilo


crochet access fun in the suncrochet access point of interestcrochet access sunny day


Annies Sinfonia Multi-Lace Pullover Crochet World_April2015_Cover    

This lovely pattern made with Sinfonia is Multi-Lace Pullover in the April 2015 issue of Crochet World