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Most Books in Their Native Text and all include very easy to follow charts

All the Let’s Knit Series books contain many beautiful crochet patterns also

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JI51 lets knitLet’s Knit Series V 6 Knitting Sweaters and Vests   Nihon Vogue A collection of 36 fashionable pieces. 114 pgs  IT501  MSR $24.00 

Price: $20.40

jj38300 Crochet Patterns    Textured and open-work patterns by color photo and graphic diagrams. 112 pgs  IT508  MSR $60.00 

Price: $51.00

le22Crochet Novelties, Ed   by Jules & Kaethe Kliot A selection of turn-of-the-century patterns from several pattern books including 1883 Twine Work, Crocheted Goft Novelties Bk 6 and Collingbourne’s Complete Instructions Book 16. Patterns for purses, pillows, hats, fringes, baskets and lamp shades.  144 pgs  IT509 MSR $20.00 

Price: $17.00

ji38Crochet Lace Novelties     Ondori  Jug covers, cushions, lampshade, bag, frame and other delightful items in straight and freeform techniques. Japanese text. 80 pgs  IT527  MSR $25.00 Knitted Fashion $19.55   Nihon Vogue  Classic knitted patterns for sweaters in open and closed patterns. Many crochet patterns. 90 pgs  IT538  MSR $23.00 

Price: $21.25

jf82Knitted Fashion    Nihon Vogue  Classic knitted patterns for sweaters in open and closed patterns. Many crochet patterns. 90 pgs  IT538  MSR $23.00 

Price: $19.55

ji05Let’s Knit Series Knit Fashion   Mitsuharu Hirose New classics in knitting and crochet fashion. Japanese text. 82 pgs. IT539  MSR $27.00 

Price: $22.95

ji73The Japanese Sandal    The ubiquitous sandal as the latest fashion accessory using colorful fabrics by hand weaving, finger braiding and plaiting. Requires no tools, a few toes and those left-over fabrics. Detailed instructions through step by step photos covering various techniques. Japanese text.  64 pgs IT544 MSR $21.00 

Price: $17.85

jk19Let’s Knit Series Vol 5 Mittens & Gloves    Twenty pairs of mittens, mitts, and gloves for warm hands. Crochet and knit.  62 pgs.  IT548  MSR $20.00 

Price: $17.00

jj05_01Pineapple Lace Doily   Nihon Vogue  A collection of extraordinary doilies by photo and chart based on the traditional pattern. 96 pgs. IT549 MSR $34.00 

Price: $28.90

pretty accessPretty Crochet Accessories    Small bags, shrugs, head things and some fun including a small cube purse with hinged frame. Japanese text 72 pgs   IT551  retail $17.00 

Price: $14.45

crochetaccessoriesCrochet Accessories     Ondori  Beautiful  jewelry, scarves, and more.   82 pgs  IT556 retail $55.00 

Price: $46.75

crochetsmallthingsCrochet Small Things     Ondori  Purses, slippers, animals, and more.   IT557 retail $30.00 

Price: $25.50

japan1Crochet Accessories      Doilies, sweater, skirt, hat, and more.  64 pgs  IT560 retail $16.00 

Price: $13.60

bv27 have 2 copiesOmas Kleine Hakeleien (Purses)   A wide selection of crocheted purses, small and large, with and without frames. German text. 48 pgs.  IT561 retail $25.00 

Price: $21.25

 Crochet motif patterns jj81Crochet Motif Patterns    A selection of 60 beautiful motifs, all sizes. Also includes several projects.  IT562 retail $42.00

Price: $35.70

mini motif crochet pattern jk39Mini Motif Crochet Patterns    Asahi  Over 100 tiny motifs in a variety of shapes for jewelry, edgings and fun.  IT 568  Retail $35.00 

Price: $29.75

ji47 have 1 cHip Hats and Bags in Crochet     Nihon Vogue A delightful collection of stylish and sophisticated hats and bags. 66 pgs IT 570 retail $22.00 

Price: $18.70

jk96Lacework Flower Design, Asahi   100 small crochet motifs and suggested applications for edgings, oyas, and wearables. Japanese text with schematics. 80 pgs LK96 IT573  retail $39.00 

Price: $33.15

jk61Let’s Knit Series Beautiful Crochet   Lacy jackets, shrugs, sweaters and hats. Japanese test with schematics. 98 pgs LK61 IT574  retail $25.00 

Price: $21.25

jl13Shawl, Stole, Tunic, Bolero, Asahi   17 projects for crochets warm wraps. Japanese text with schedmatics. 64 pgs LL13 IT575 retail $36.00 

Price: $30.60