Bag/Purse Notions

Bag/Purse Frames

Bag/Purse Handles


Crochet Hooks


Miscellaneous Notions

  • Crochet Happy Water Bottle
  • Dog Leash Clasps
  • Elastic Yarn Thread
  • Fray Check
  • Handle Hooks
  • Knit Klips
  • Mesh Crochet/Knit Cases
  • Needleart Labels
  • Project Totes
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • Snaps
  • Snap Hooks
  • Stitch Holder
  • T-Pins
  • Tape Measures
  • Yarn Daisy
  • Yarn Needles
  • Yarn Sleeves


Shawl Pins


Shawl Pins

shawl1 (1)2.5″ Shawl pin made of dark wood with delicate engravings.This is the prettiest of them all. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT002

Price: $7.00

shawl22.5″ Shawl pin with smooth, thick, matte robles wood makes this one great shawl pin. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT003 

Price: $6.00

shawl42.5″ Oblong wood shawl pin can be turned either way for use. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT004 

Price: $8.00

shawl52.5″ Shawl pin with robles wood with rhinestones and engraved circle design. Sparkle with this shawl pin. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT005 

Price: $11.00

shawl62.5″ Plain natural version of IT005. So sweet & nice. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT005R 

Price: $7.00

shawl72.5″ Fabulous coconut dyed black makes this shawl pin a stunner! Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT006 

Price: $6.00

shawl82.5″ Shawl pin of lovliness. Smooth wood with concave shape. Pin measures 5.5″ long.   IT007 

Price: $6.00


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