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Crochet Snob
… credo to us crocheters who are so proud of our craft

I must admit I’m hopelessly hooked on crochet
It consumes my thoughts a good part of my day
Design a purse, make a scarf; threads, yarns, I have a gob
I’ll try to make anything. Maybe now I’m a Crochet Snob!

- Mona

Whether yarn or thread, ribbon or wire
Of designing new creations, I never tire

- NiYa

We go on a trip, I look for yarn
He says I have enough to fill a barn.

- Stacy

Crochet is my passion, a talent for a select few
Thank you God for this blessing anew.

- Karen

Yarn, hooks, patterns…oh, my
A stash piled almost as high as the sky 

- BklynVonne

Creating with yarn is the life for me…
A crochet hook, a skein, and in heaven I’ll be!

- Vic

Knitting keeps me counting, is this right?
Crochet makes me Joyful. This is right! 

- Kathy Mary

When I crochet, I sometimes pause.
What can I create for a good cause?

- Chris

It ain’t over til you yarn over.
But we know that. Crochet Lover.

- Jan in sunny Summerville

Can’t wait to finish, can’t wait to start.
I think this yarn is crocheted in my heart!

- Mag

When I was seven
I learned how to knit
One simple stitch
So a fire wasn’t lit
But I learned to crochet
When I was just eight
The knitting I’d done
Would then have to wait!

- Jen

My Grandmother sat beside me when I was just seven
“It was about time”, she said, for me to create
She taught me to chain and I was in heaven.
Those memories make me wonder, as I meditate,
Couldn’t more problems be solved if we could just all crochet?

- Denise

So Late in to the night I sit in bed thinking I can’t wait to get
it done. Just a few more rows and then I am done. The next mornings comes
and the same thought is in my head and I find that my heaven would be full
of yarn and hooks. It is too true that I am a crochet snob and to the end
I will always be until the good Lord calls me home and I tell him just a
few more rows please.

- Erica

I used to sew and eat sweet pickles.
But then I got hooked on doubles and trebles.
And now I crochet without them pickles.

- Stitches

My wrist, my arm and shoulder gets sore,
But I need to crochet just a little more.
One more row, just another stitch!
I love to crochet, I’ll never switch!

- Flo

I am a crochet addict
I don’t travel without my yarn, needles and crochet pattern.
I love crocheting.

- Sadie

I work with string and a hook.
Don’t know how it’s going to look.
And I do not know why
I design on the fly.
Guess I just never looked at the book!

- Sandy

A snob I am, a snob I’ll be
Until someone takes my hook from me

- Avis

Projects and gifts, I’m forever creating;
I’m always busy, and ready and waiting
for the next idea to fill my heart.
Crocheters unite! I’ll do my part!

- Christine

My husband has learned, he’s now in the know
He even says it for me: “Just one more row!”

- Barbara

But the colors I yearn I cannot find
They are the colors of times long left behind

- Barbara

The feel of the yarn, all the colors so true
So blessed to crochet with friends like you.

- Kathy

I’m always at ease with thread & hook
It even beats mother’s, “just bring a book!”

- Tyche

Crochet a purse, dress a baby
Soon another gift – maybe

- Donna

Anything with thread, I love to create.
Selling my “stuff” makes me feel great! 

- Judy/Haus In Taus

In Duluth Minnesnota, the winters can be long
I start to crochet and in my heart comes a song

- Joyce Pegors

Crocheting is contagious
Or so it’s been stated
So hand me the hooks and the yarn
I’ve been vaccinated!

- Blaze LaFlame

I wish I could crochet as fast as my mother
I’d make something for everyone,
Even my snot nosed brother!

- Monica

A crochet snob, no not me,
I found a hobby that sets me free
go check my stash for another skein
I need to crochet it keeps me sane….

- Debb

I came late to the crochet ball
But I’ll be dancing with hooks until the good Lord calls
And then if they say I can’t come in
I’ll just tell ’em it’s crochet for the angels and hook them a hymn.

- pburroughs

Knitting is for some but not for me
Crochet is my passion its all I need
I can’t get enough of hooks, books, and yarn
Even though my clothes are torn
I’d rather buy yarn and crochet stuff than anything else
And in the future I might need a bigger house
Cause I will never stop
No matter what
I love crochet and it shows
Who need clothes!! 

- Amy

Quilting, Knitting, crocheting or any craft works,
Do them all with or without a book.
I love to make and design my own as well, to wear them or give to my pals.
I have tons of knitted and crochet stuffs, but they are never never enough.
So I am known as the crafty lady, Quilt, knit or crochet..yes.. i’m always ready!

Gotta have the satisfaction
of a hook and some yarn
and a little wrist action.

- Linda