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La Golondrina #15

La Golondrina #15

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La Golondrina is an extremely versatile fiber made of polypropylene. It is the lightest of all fibers (for example, it is 34% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon), even lighter than water. It’s sky rocketing in popularity for the following reasons:

    • gives good bulk and cover
    • resistant to abrasion, deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot, stain, soil and weather conditions
    • resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms
    • colorfast
    • quick drying
    • anti-static behavior
    • thermally bondable
    • strong
    • dry hand
    • comfortable and lightweight

This fiber is excellent for any project that will be in contact with water. In fact it’s commonly used to make fishing nets. It’s also used in many garments and bags for it’s ability to moisture wick. Polypropylene fibers have the lowest thermal conductivity of any natural or synthetic fiber. It’s fibers retain more heat for a longer period of time, have excellent insulative properties in apparel, and, combined with its hydrophobic nature, keep wearer dry and warm. 

#15 La Golondrina is comparable to #18 La Espiga at approximately 2mm. It’s 17.6 oz (500 gr) rolls, 574 yards per roll. Sells as 1 LARGE single roll 

La Golondrina also comes in #9. It’s 7 oz (200 gr) and 339 yards per roll. Comparable in size to #9 La Espiga nylon 1.7mm. Sells as 1 single roll

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2 reviews for La Golondrina #15

  1. Mack Byrne

    FYI this is about 2 rolls worth of La Espiga.

  2. Melissa Byrne

    I used this as alternative your La Espiga #18. It’s a little thinner but worked great.

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