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#2 Omega Nylon

#2 Omega Nylon


1 roll         6 pack

Omega Brand Nylon is one of the worlds best selling because of their affordability and quality. Omega has been in business since 1939, the year Nylon was invented! Omega manufacturers many sizes of Nylon and their larger (thicker) size line is called “La Espiga.” The sizes from thinnest to thickest include: #2, #5, #6, #9, #10, #18, and #24. Actual specifications can be found on the Nylon Comparison Chart (click here) 

Size #2 Omega Nylon is the thinnest of their nylons at .6mm. Each spool is 3.2 oz, has 300 yards, and comes in 86 colors. Recommended hook steel #8/9. Compares to DMC #20 and slightly larger than #3 cottons. Discount for a 6 pack of 1 color! 

Manufacturer Suggested Retail: 1 roll $4.05 6 pack rolls $24.30


(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for #2 Omega Nylon

  1. raina antoine (verified owner)

    Literally my fav thread from my fav place to order from.

  2. Sallie K Abbott (verified owner)

    I love this cord. It lets me make bracelets of a smaller diameter with many colors and complex patterns. The colors are beautiful and the cord is very strong, and it’s the only cord I’ve found which has an actual violet color (Grape). I’m looking forward to using it for many things. I also use the #9 and #18 weights. All these cords are very versatile and perfect for many projects. Shipping is fast and James is very responsive.

  3. Becky Dahlman

    I really wish I would have known about the #2 Nylon years ago. It’s so much stronger than cotton. I’ve always ordered it from you guys!

    • James Modica

      Thanks so much for the review, I’ll send you a coupon as a thank you!

  4. Mary Abbot-Atkinson

    You’re the only place that carries this many colors. After I placed my order I realized I accidentally ordered the wrong blue. James answered my email in minutes and switched it out for me. My package arrived in 3 days. The one time I used Amazon it took over a week even though I’m Amazon Prime member. SHOP SMALL!

    • James Modica

      Thanks, and good luck with binding.

  5. Eleanor

    Very happy with the quality. I just wish it came in different sizes.

    • James Modica

      It does come in larger sizes. I’ll email you the info.

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