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#2 Omega Nylon

#2 Omega Nylon


1 roll         6 pack

Omega Brand Nylon is one of the worlds best selling because of their affordability and quality. Omega has been in business since 1939, the year Nylon was invented! Omega manufacturers many sizes of Nylon and their larger (thicker) size line is called “La Espiga.” The sizes from thinnest to thickest include: #2, #5, #6, #9, #10, #18, and #24. Actual specifications can be found on the Nylon Comparison Chart (click here) 

Size #2 Omega Nylon is the thinnest of their nylons at .6mm. Each spool is 3.2 oz, has 300 yards, and comes in 86 colors. Recommended hook steel #8/9. Compares to DMC #20 and slightly larger than #3 cottons. Discount for a 6 pack of 1 color! 

Manufacturer Suggested Retail: 1 roll $4.05 6 pack rolls $24.30


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