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I love your prompt response!!!! AND your orders arrive very quickly. Some companies seem to think we are on another galaxy!!!!! I will always do business with your company! Have a good day.

- Ann

Dear Mona Thank you for being you. Shortly after placing my first order, I received an email with the PDF for a pattern and found that I was touched by the sincerity of the tone of thanks in your words. Even if it was a computer generated message, your true appreciation for my business was communicated – refreshing in these electronic times. I’ve been laid up the last week. The good news, lots of fiber arts time and I thank you for the free patterns that you share on your website. I’ve made your Madras Belt with La Espiga #18 in variegated blues and your Christmas Bowl in light tan with accents of white from my first order. Yesterday my second order arrived and I began your Radiant Tote in shades from black to silver gray. This morning all I want to do is get to working the second color. I’m sure you’ve experience that feeling! Thank you for your gracious generosity Mona, you’ve been such a blessing to me! God bless you, Victoria P.S. Your pattern instructions are beautifully and understandably written. Thank you, too, for that

- from someone with dyslexia

Have been purchasing from Creative Yarn Source off and on for years and I can say Mona and Steve are a pleasure to do business with. Great yarn and thread you can’t get anywhere else, fast shipping and most important: Service way above and beyond the norm. Mona has been a wonderful help to me in finding the colors and yarn for my projects. Will keep coming back until she tosses me out! LOL.

- Judy

Got my box of Omega today……thank you, thank you, thank you! Always so inspiring to have a great supply! I love this stuff and am so very grateful that it is available from Creative Yarn Source. Awesome! Hugs to you!

- Janet

Hi! Today, I received the 5 skeins of “Brick” Sinfonia. I am delighted with it, and will tell the crocheters that I know that your company is the place to go. The shipping was very quick, and the yarn is beautiful! And the best part? All the color choices, Incredible! :)I am delighted with this transaction. Thank you! Best wishes,

- LauraLee

You are so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! We truly appreciate that!!! Your customer service is always so great!!!

- Kay

I am mesmerized with the OH SO BEAUTIFUL white “Fantastic Fans” dress crocheted with Omega Rustica… Your website ALWAYS inspires and ignites the passion that gets pushed aside by life. Thank You and May GOD Bless You Always and In All Ways, 

- Rita

Hello Mona & Steve!! Thank you guys, for making one of the finest yarns in the world for crochet, and take care the customers!!! I love that so much!

- Linda

I just want to say that I am very pleased with your service. I’ve ordered at least 3 times from your website and I’m very happy to say that you guys do an outstanding job with shipping. Thank you so much!!

- Irma

Hi Mona & Steve You guys are legends! I received my crochet cotton today, I didn’t think i would receive them til next week! Thank you so much. Ican now crochet little clothes for the crochet dolls I’ve been making. Kind regards

- Amanda

I LOVE your yarn and your selection. The nylon cord I just bought is PERFECT for what I need it for! I bought 3 rolls before for testing and they are gorgeous! Thank you!

- Carol

Hi, Mona, I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with you! My orders always get to me so quickly-ready for me to get started on the next project! Your products are superb, too. Excellent quality and especially suited for crochet. I love the fine gauge threads and yarns and the bright colors. As you can tell, I have run through miles and miles and miles of thread. I will send some pictures soon so you can see what I have be up to.Thanks again!

- Kathy

Hello Mona, I just want to let you know, the parcel arrived in a good condition and I love everything on my order. The yarns are wonderful. Just how I have dreamed of. The colors are so great and to work with is fantastic. I am so glad I found your online store. Keep in touch.

- Kerstin

Mona, I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with the La Espiga. The colors are fabulous and your website colors were very accurate. I’ve been looking for nylon cord to be able to crochet vintage purse patterns. I’ve been frustrated in trying to find it and then somewhere I stumbled upon the Hilos La Espiga name. I did a Google search and found you! …. My plan is to crochet many of the vintage handbag patterns and I will happily send you photos of my finished pieces. Your service was extremely fast. Please feel free to use any or all of my comments as a review or if you need me to post it. I am just so thrilled to have found you and La Espiga. Thank you for all your help. 

- Patti

Hi Mona, UNBELIEVABLE!!! I received my package Thursday. I continue to be amazed at your fast shipping. I am sooooo pleased that I found your site. I have been telling all my friends as well as posting it on FaceBook about Creative Yarn Source! I do hope it brings some sales your way. Thank you again for your impressive service and prices. A customer for as long as my fingers can crochet!!

- Patti

Hi Mona, Just wanted to drop you a line to say I am so pleased with my order. What lovely yarn. It is very hard to find this type of yarn. What reasonable prices! You have a customer for life. I will be ordering again soon. Thank You Very Much,

- Carolyn

Hi I just wanted to say thank you very much for the fast service. I am more than happy with my order. The colors are so much more beautiful in person and it makes even more happy. So I just wanted to say THANKS.

- Hope

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so very much for your wonderful service. Each time I have ordered from you, you have had just what I needed. Your downloads are fast and easy, and your shipping is magic! It seems I just start to think about the projects I want to make and my supplies arrive that afternoon. How do you do that? I order stuff from all over the web, never had deliveries this fast never!! So you can bet I’ll be back from time to time and be telling anyone who need the supplies you offer. Where they can find them.. Again just let me tell you how much I appreciate you and your store. I also love that you have you customers show off their work. I love see what people are doing. Thanks so much

- Judy

Hi Mona I just wanted to say thank you for the fast response for the order I placed. I have never been so pleased to do business with a merchant. It was easy to order and pay. However, the response time for delivery was incredible. Thank you so much.

- Mary

Peace and blessings Mona! I love your commitment to your clients! I thank you for being there if I should need you! I love your yarn. You have a customer in me for life!!! I will surely send you pics of my creations. I will also pass the words to my “HOOKER” friends about your website. Have a truly blessed day.

- Jorge

Hello Mona, Thank you so much for your great service and super fast shipping, great prices too! Also thanks for personally contacting me, I look forward to purchasing from you again.

- Teresa

Thank you for your great products and quick service. I love working with the #18 La Espiga cord. I made one purse (which I will be happy to provide a photo) and have had two orders for more. Thanks for your support.

- Cecelia

Hi Mona – yarn arrived today….boy was that SUPER fast! Such an interesting yarn….can’t wait to work it up, but I have to finish what I’ve got spinning on my wheel before I can sit down and crochet a bit. 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for such superb service….you’re definitely on my preferred yarn vendor list now! Have an awesome evening! Blessings, 

- Alice

Hi Mona, I would like to thank you for your OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ordered on Friday and received my threads on Monday. I love to buy from you, because I always get fast delivery and the quality and bright colors are awesome! …

- Donna

Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!! This the best company that I have ever ordered from! I have share with some crocheters so that they can order from you as well! thanks again

- Roycelyn

WOW! All I could say is WOW! Your customer experience is GREAT. I just order this last night at about 10:00 PM PT, and was very pleasantly surprise to see the USPS shipment confirmation today. Thank you so much,

- Rafael

Hi Mona I just receive the first order omg my mom is going to be happy. We only get Espiga when someone or we go to Mexico yes there places that sale here in Dallas tx but way out of my pocket and i have to drive 40 minutes to that place and doesn’t have all the colors you do and the omegacryl she doesn’t know so its going to be a big surprise. The same surprise when my husband got me my first Espigas from you.. and THANK YOU for your time service and quality… soon I’ll be making and other other i know mom she will want Omegacryl and Espiga thank you very much.

- myrna

Hi Mona, I just received my yarn. It looks like you replaced the brown yarn that I told you about. I thank you sincerely for doing that. You’ve demonstrated GREAT customer service. That is what I plan to strive for in my new business–GREAT customer service. People remember and appreciate the generous acts of kindness that come unexpectantedly. Thank you for modeling excellence in your business. I’m proud to say you’re my yarn supplier. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Hey: Thanks !!!! Can’t wait to see it. I LOVE the thread your company sent. It is awesome to work with. Customer service is great. Thanks for emai. 

- J. Sue

Poem : I was a painter freak, then one day my sister-law (Blanca) showed me the yarn,needles and hooks since then my acrylics, canvas and brushes seat in the closet collecting dust. Then early in the year we travel to mexico same inlaw Blanca showed me the nylon thread how to make purses belts I was amazed. Around here i cant find this material, then searching the net I came across with Mona s web site i love it she treats you super perfect like if it was her buying the materials of her next project service is fast love it.Thank you very much.

- Myrna

Hi Mona, Thank you so much for the yarn. I really appreciate the quick shipment. I received the package today and am very pleased with the product. Your customer service is exceptional, and I look forward to making more purchases in the future. Best regards, Cindy I posted an accolade for you on in the Links & Resources section: “I ran out of yarn before finishing a project, an Omega Alegria that I couldn’t find locally. For an online source, I found particularly responsive. Mona sent a personal email as a follow-up to my order that I found nice and unusual for online ordering. I will be going back!”

- Lucy

Hi Mona, my yarn arrived today, I am so happy with the colors, they are so bright, Thank you so much, will be ordering more, much appreciated, your help and quick delivery. Thank you

- Shirley

I received my shipment today and the yarns are just gorgeous. I can hardly wait till I have time to get started using them. Right now it is gardening season so they will have to wait for a bit. Thank you for your excellent service and lovely products.

- Robyn

Hi Ramona, Thank you so much! It’s my look of satisfaction after completing the project. Thanks again for helping me realize my goal. Your customer service deserves the blue ribbon! You have me as a customer as long as I can use my hands and you’re in the business. Take care and be well.

- Joan

Hi Mona, The yarns just came and they are beyond beautiful! I can’t wait to get started on these projects. Thank you so much for your website I had really had a hard time finding pretty cotton yarns in this size.

- Dana

Hi Mona, I like these colorful yarns so much, and I think I am so lucky to find your website. I use these yarns to weave bracelets just for my hobby. After I finish some ones, I would like to send you some pictures. Thanks for your wonderful service. Best wishes,

- Min

And thank YOU for the personal response! Very unusual in this day and age. The ladies and gentlemen of Knitting Paradise web site claimed that your business was VERY customer friendly, and I already find this to be true! I look forward to receiving the nylon cord. I plan to duplicate a LeSac handbag that I purchased, but choose not to purchase ready-made. I plan to write down a pattern, and when the handbag is complete, I will forward a picture of the finished project along with the written instructions.

- Patricia

Hi Mona. The mailman just brought my box of yarn–I am so happy with everything. Just the colors are stunning, and look and feel of the yarns are excellent. I’m glad I ordered the Grab Bags, they give me an idea of some of the other yarns available. I will be coming back!!!

- Kathy

Thanks so much for the fast service! I must tell you how pleased I an with the site. The selections are remarkable and the prices are wonderful. When I go there, I’m like a kid on a candy store. You have officially become my yarn store! I’ll send you some pictures of my projects. Once again, it has been a pleasure shopping here. Keep up the excellent customer service! Truly Yours,

- Joan

Hello Mona, I received the yarn last week and it is so much softer and the colors are beautiful. I created a baby afghan with dragonflies in filet crochet and it is looking lovely. The yarn was well worth the wait and I will be ordering from you again. Thank you,

- Julianne

Thank you so much for shipping that so quickly and for the even quicker response. It’s nice to do business with people that actually take the time to show an interest in their clients- well… beyond the financial. I’d be more than happy to send you photos of my work. Right now I’m on a borrowed computer but as soon as I have access to my own files again I’ll email you a few. Thanks again

- Cecilia

I have loved the product! Thx for being so fast on the shipping too!

- Lou

Just want to let you know how pleased I was with your service. I had my yarn in exceptionally speedy time and I’m well along in my project. Thank you!

- Bonnie

I was so happy to receive my thread today WOW I have never worked with such fine nylon thread before it’s WONDERFUL : ) as you already know I’ve made one lip balm holder but didn’t come out like I want. working on another THANK YOU !!!! Have a Blessed Day : ) Have a Blessed Day,

- Brenda

Hi Mona – thank you so much for your very fast shipping. Everything arrived in great condition and I am so happy to have found a great new source for this nylon!

Thank you so much!!!! I received the package Monday afternoon and was not disappointed. Beautiful rich colors and quality threads. I will surely use you for my future needs. Keep up thr good work!

- Tanya

Hi Mona, I loved your website and the selection of products and colors. I am making exchange bags for Christmas presents and was excited to find the product recommended in the pattern on your website. I will be happy to send you a picture when they are finished. I have received the shipping confirmation. Thank you so much.

- Barbara

Hi Mona, My order arrived this morning. It was thread that I could not find in my local stores. This is the second time I was able to get what I needed from your web site. Also you were prompt at sending out my order. Thank you so much. A happy customer,

- Caroly

Hi Mona! I just wanted to let you know that the thread arrived today and I couldn’t be more pleased! I love the bright colors and I can’t wait to start working with it. Thanks so much for the awesome service and I will definitely buy from you again! Take care,

- Victoria

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website. It’s truly awesome the variety of yarns and patterns that you offer. I have been crocheting for many years (like since I was a little girl), but lived in a VERY rural community with little access to stores….now I have the internet!! Yeah! …

- Patty

Hi Mona,I received my package today. Thank you for the super fast service. I wasn’t expecting it for at least two weeks. I am making a bag for my granddaughter. She will be very happy that I will get it finished sooner. Thank you very much. Sincerely

- Peggy

HOLY COW!!! That package got here FAST! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now I once again have a good stash and can play to my heart’s content! hehehehehehe

- Marsha

Hi Mona. …. I was looking at all the other pictures you have displayed, as well as your customers’ comments about you and your service, and I whole heartedly agree! Where else will you get this kind of customer service where you can email the owner, get feedback AND get your ordered items so quickly? If only everyone else did business like you!

- Linda

Mona, Wow!!! I love your order/confirmation/EVERYTHING!!! You guys are awesome! I’ve never felt so completely and totally informed when placing an online order. I have to say, this has been the most positive experience I have EVER had from placing an online order. Thanks!!! I will send you finished project pictures…. And, I’m looking forward to ordering from you again in the near future! Sincerely,

- Nadine

… I wanted to tell you, too, I’m so happy I found your site for this yarn. There’s so much available. It’s also so nice getting the newsletter and seeing what people are working on, etc. It’s SOSO nice to have you to be able to talk to, too. There’s not too many sites/companies, whatever that there is a live human being you can actually talk to, ask advice, etc. It’s nice to have that “personal touch” in this day and age of computers, automated everything, etc. SO, thank you for being there!!! Talk to you soon. Have a good day!!

- Lisa

What great service. I will be sure to share your store with others. Thanks so much.

- Jeanne

Hi Mona, I just finished a purse that I made using the nylon thread 🙂 It measures approx 13″ x 13″. I also made a simple lining inside to hide all the loose ends. It was fun to utilize something different than yarn & I just love the texture & and very pleased with the end result. Please let me know if you decide to post my project so I can brag to my family & friends 🙂 Thank you,

- Julie

Mona, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the prompt shipping of my last order. I think I ordered last Thursday night and it was on my doorstep when I got home from work Tuesday. I was completely out of black cord and am ramping up my stock for Holiday craft fairs. Thanks again!

- Linda

I received my package yesterday and I am REALLY happy with the yarn—the nylon cord is exactly what I was hoping for, and I can’t wait to start the project that I ordered the Sinfonia for–and I LOVE the color. Interesting that both of these yarns come from Mexico…I work with lots of Latinas, and I’ve seen some incredible work done with threads I have never seen here…now I know there must be some great resources in Mexico! I will recommend your website to anybody that seems interested. Thanks again for such quick service!

- Patti B

Thank you for the quick turnaround on my order. I received the package in great condition and look forward to working with the cording. It has been a pleasure purchasing from your website!

- Soncerrae

Mona,Thank you so much for this order. I had colon cancer two years ago and I’m always ready to help donate for any cancer cause. Today I am cancer free and work towards keeping it that way. I can hardly wait for the yarn to come…I loved working with the yarn for the Delightful Diagonal. I also made the black poncho. One of my friends loved the Poncho and wanted me to make her one…so I gave it to her for her birthday. I may have to make me a new one.

- Katherine

Mona, I would like to tell you a story about one of your patterns. I bought Delightful Diagonals from you…maybe in 2008 or 2009. I made the shawl and entered it into the San Diego County Fair. I received a second place ribbon for the shawl. Thank you so much and I love working with the yarn.

- Katherine

… I also wanted to share that I was hesitant about the Diamante yarn because I disliked the light fiber that runs through it against the vibrant green color however, after doing a motif with it I could absolutely overlook the fiber as it is just a pleasure to crochet with that yarn… runs so easy through fingers and hook and it is somewhat elastic which produces great results. Again, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your site! Thank you and regards,

- Christa

Hi Mona, I just wanted you to know that I placed a new order with you. I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. It is so easy to use and gives me exactly the info I need when deciding on a yarn. I am so grateful for a site I can use and really get what I want without any hassle. I will be visiting you often for my yarn needs. Oh, the project I ordered the yarn for today is on the front of Knitter’s Magazine. I looked up Twisted Sister Yarns and oh, my $15+ per skein is just not in this retired teacher’s budget so I went right to you. Need a #1 yarn and was able to skim through your yarns to find exactly the right yarn with exactly the right colors. Thanks!

- Debbie

… I make custom orders all the time, so that customers can pick the color flowers they want to match their favorite team, match a project they are working on, or material they are using. Your colors have been terrific, and having over 30 colors for the customers to pick from, I believe, is the reason for the repeat customers. So I thank you very much. Your service is terrific, and I can always count on your speedy delivery.

- Lily

Thanks Mona – You have the best selection and service. Take care –

- Gail

Hi Mona, Just wanted to let you know that I received my box of yarn purchases yesterday. I could hardly wait to open it and paw through. I just had to tell you – I am in love with every single one of these yarns. Oh my gosh the Sinfonia, I immediately started a top. Also, I can’t wait to make a little hooded top for my 4-year-old niece with the Trigo (I got the pink). That yarn is just beautiful. Thank you so much, and you can be sure I will be back for more. Thanks again.

- Cathy

The box came today!!!!!!!! WHAT a TREASURE TROVE for me! Just in time for me too, as I have used up most of my size 30 stash. Now I have all these WONDERFUL new colors to play with. I am making large doilies using the “painted” technique. I showed a couple of them to an artist friend of mine the other day and he said they looked just like they had been air brushed. Again, I thank you. In another month or so, I will be putting in an order for some of the nylon thread that is the same as size 10. My stash of that is getting pretty thin also and I am needing to stock up again. I dearly love the vivid colors and the texture the nylon thread has.

- Marsha

Hi Mona!! Oh my gosh!! The box came this morning and it was forget the Easter Bunny! CHRISTMAS!! The threads are absolutely GORGEOUS!! The rose Sinfonia is beautiful and I think will be a personal favorite. The Armonia is incredible!! I worked up a couple of practice Irish crochet Roses – no shredding of thread!! This is a GREAT thing !! Thank you, thank you and thank you! The Macarena Cascada is a beautiful color!! Hubby is going on a trip for 3 days and I am going to stay up and have a crochet marathon!!!!!!!!!I can not wait!! Even the wool is nice! The samples you sent are my favorite colors!! How EVER did you guess?! You do such a great job for us gals in filling our orders! The yellow Perle screams SUMMER! Can you tell I am in heaven with all the new colors?? HMMM maybe some minty greens and pale blues ——sigh! Is it next month yet?! CAN NOT EVEN WAIT UNTIL NEXT ORDER!!!!!!!! Have a great day and a HUGE big thank you!!

- Penny

Mona, What SERVICE! Thank you, thank you! I received the yard just now and I am thrilled with the super fast delivery and the yarn. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company. Thanks again. Janet p.s. I am highly recommending you to my friends.

… it came. I could barely wait until lunch to open the box. Now I cannot wait until the end of the day to go home and play with it. The LaPerla will be perfect for the capelet I had in mind. And I am happier with cotton than wool for the warm Baltimore season….The Hilaza is lovely —- may change my mind about what to do with it but there will be one place mat/doily just to see how it works. And I do like the Fiesta…. Ok So I love everything that came. Thank you so much.

- Alida

Hi Mona The package arrived here yesterday; I was surprised to see it so soon! Thanks for the quick response. The project I’ve been working on is crocheted ballet bun covers for my niece’s girls. I found some of the metallic Omega thread at Hobby Lobby; it makes a nice sparkly bun cover but they only had a few colors. So I looked around on the web and found your site. It’s great you have so much to offer and it’s so reasonably priced. I love the colors I got yesterday. I’ll send a few pictures of the bun covers along for your website before too long. Thanks for such great service!

- Marty

Thank you so much for your prompt shipping. I received my order today and I absolutely love the Escarcha yarn. Ohh-laa-laa!

- Bev

Thank you so much for your prompt shipping. I received my order today and I absolutely love the Escarcha yarn. Ohh-laa-laa!

- Bev

Hello, Thank you for your quick shipment. I was looking to buy from a local store just so that I would have it asap and could start right away, but it quickly became evident that nobody caries nylon cord. I was trying to avoid waiting for it, now I know that you are so fast that waiting would have been shorter if I would have just ordered from you to begin with. Have a wonderful day,

- Kathy

Mona, Thank you so much. I received the yarn today. I have seen very few companies who believe in their products and will stand behind them. These skeins look great. I will send you pictures of the finished projects if that is okay.Thank you.

- Julie

Thanks Mona. Your site has the best selection of Omega thread. And you have great service. I can buy it locally, but the color selection is poor and so on, so the trip isn’t worth it. Have a good one –

- Gail

Hello Mona I just wanted to let you know that my OmegaCrys yarn arrived today in great shape. Thank you so much for your great service. I appreciate your fast shipping so much. Have a lovely week!

- Fumiko

Hello Mona I just wanted to let you know that my OmegaCrys yarn arrived today in great shape. Thank you so much for your great service. I appreciate your fast shipping so much. Have a lovely week!

- Fumiko

Mona, Thank you so much for the awesome customer service. I was so happy to find your web site which had such a vast range of colors in the nylon yarn. I do Kumihimo braiding for jewelry and it’s hard to find colored yarn in the stores. I will definitely be back to purchase more colors once I finish my current orders that I have pending. I will send pictures so you can see the finished results. Again thank you.

- Ann

Dear Mona Received your package and am thrilled, just have to get more coke tabs…daughter’s friends are helping…they all want headbands and bracelets. This yarn will make “hundreds”. I am soooo glad I found you.

- Pat

Hi Mona Thanks, I received the crochet thread, so happy to find you, I couldn’t find that Omega #2 anywhere!! I used Omega #2 black… Thanks so much! Love your website!

- Marjorie

I just want to thank you for the prompt delivery of my threads, they are beautiful!!!. I was so excited to find these threads in your website. I come from Mexico and thought I wouldn’t be able to find them here in the states but your website is just amazing, thank you. I’m a customer for life!!!.

- Ruth

Hi Mona! Just wanted to send you a quick line to let you know my baby blanket is coming out to be beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with Trigo!!!! I’ll have to get my daughter to help me get a picture of it on my computer to send to you .I’m not that computer savvy on my own. I’m just kind of ad libbing the pattern but am rather proud of the results! I wish I had friends that did needlework, because I’d definitely recommend you!. Wish I didn’t have such a large stash of other yarns so I could find room for a stash of yours. The others will probably just sit there since you have such wonderful cotton yarns. I just love cotton! Thank you soooo much for being a distributor!

- Lucy

Dear Mona, I just LOVE to visit your website whenever…it’s 1 of my top 10, for sure. …. SusanHi Mona! Just wanted to send you a quick line to let you know my baby blanket is coming out to be beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with Trigo!!!! I’ll have to get my daughter to help me get a picture of it on my computer to send to you .I’m not that computer savvy on my own. I’m just kind of ad libbing the pattern but am rather proud of the results! I wish I had friends that did needlework, because I’d definitely recommend you!. Wish I didn’t have such a large stash of other yarns so I could find room for a stash of yours. The others will probably just sit there since you have such wonderful cotton yarns. I just love cotton! Thank you soooo much for being a distributor!

I’m enjoying the Hilos la Espiga and am almost finished with my 2nd “Exchange Bag” from the Happy Hooker book.

- Francesca

Hi Mona: my order arrived today….WOW!!! I love the yarn. The colors are very true to the pictures on the website. The Sol feels so soft. I cannot wait to finish my current project to start working with these yarns… Thanx again,

- Sue

Dear Mona: I was very satisfied with the 2 red tubes of #18 crochet nylon I received in the mail today. They will make beautiful rosaries for Christmas. Sincerely,.

- Donna

Received today and stunned is the best description! Beautiful threads! We will be more business in the near future!

- Sandy

Hi Mona Just placed another order with you today, can’t remember how many that makes now, but just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your website, products, and fast service. I’m addicted to the size 18 Omega nylon threads but am now going to venture out and try size 24. Each time a box arrives from you I feel like a kid at Christmas! Thanks again for everything!

- Mary

Mona, my thread came in the mail yesterday and my internet connection was down for 12 hours and I couldn’t even email and tell you how excited I was. Maybe you could hear my screaming all the way from Pittsburgh to Columbus? haha I have never in my life seen such COLORS as when I opened that box. I called my daughter and was so hyper on the phone that she drove over here to see the thread for herself–and then she was screaming too! She’s an artist and was just crazy about this stuff. She grabbed that peacock blue thread and didn’t want to put it down. Now I plan to order all the other colors that I didn’t buy the first time around. We are also interested in the cotton yarns but I’m going to hold off on those for a while. Words really cannot describe how happy I am with this thread. What was the name of that other stuff I used to buy? DMC? haha That’s the end of that! Thank you. Okay, back to my crocheting . . .

- Carol

I love your selections and prices and if I didn’t have so much yarn in my closet I would order a lot more. Thanks so much for your service to those of us who are addicted to knitting and crocheting. I’ve share your site with my friends, including those afraid of ordering online. I emphasize how reliable and honest you are and hope you get some business from my group. Thanks again,

- Sharon

…Thanks so much for offering this wonderful product! Once I am settled in a new house I will be buying lots more!

- Donna

Mona, Thanks for being so fast on sending the yarn, I spoke to you last Saturday, and to my surprise, I received the yarn on Monday, I was shocked!

Thanks! I love the yarn it is just the right size, for my project. Have a good Day!

- Elsie

HI MONA!!!! …I wanted to mention that I have been making a premie layette with the salmon Estilo yarn. It is so soft and just gorgeous!!! I am so impressed with these threads and wish I had 6 hands to crochet with instead of 2!!! I think you have a lifetime customer. Thanks again for all the advice, great website and INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS!!!

- Pen

When I saw this sweater in Crochet World I knew that I just had to make it! The motifs are only 2″ by 2″ and you connect as you go! The entire project took me less that 2 weeks! The first time that I wore this out I was complimented all day!! This is so easy and breezy…. perfect for summer! Why did I choose to go with Omega? I love their bright colors and the sheen to this cotton thread is priceless!! 

- Marie (La Perla jacket)

Mona, I absolutely fell in love with my last order, thank you so much! I have a trunk show coming up next weekend, so I am trying to squeeze in a few more projects to include. You have a life-long customer. Thank you again for the great product, communication and service!

- Kaleah

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. My yarn arrived today. Your service is so speedy. Thank you so much.

- Debbie

Thank you so much for the excellent service and great website!

- Penny

Hi Mona, First of all I love your company and the different patterns you have, which is your philosophy. I have been crocheting all my life and I am a designer and a certified crochet teacher and I am always looking for different patterns. All your yarns are fantastic, it’s hard to decide.

- Diana

Good Morning Mona, The thread arrived yesterday and it is WONDERFUL!!!! Man it works up so fast. Hubby has been very encouraged I think because he said” At least the skeins are smaller.” He is right – now I can get 4X as much and he will never be the wiser. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

- Penny

Thanks Mona~I was so pleased to find this thread. Just wanted you to know that I love working with this thread and I’ve bookmarked your website for future reference.

- Sharon

By accident, I bought some Omega thread for a crochet project and just got “hooked” using it. It is so easy to work with!!

- Chris

Hi Mona, I received my order today. Everything is just what I wanted. Thank you for your prompt shipping and I will wait for the backorder booklet- no problem. Oh, and I did get the purse downloads. Your patterns are very well written. I have enough projects in the works to last awhile but I am very interested in your cotton threads and yarn. I also think I will start collecting the Spanish booklets. Thanks again. I am so happy to have found your site.

- Pam

Dear Mona! Happy Holidays Mona!! I just wanted to tell you how I have enjoyed using the Omega’s Tamm Preferido, color 1548 cranberry! I made the November issue of Crochet! Melissa Leapman, Winter White Car Coat project with this yarn! The project took me about 20 hours!! You were totally on with helping me out on choosing this color! I love it! It is so soft, no way did I think that this was acrylic and it had such a nice wove to it!! (maybe that is why this project went so quick!) Thank you so much for carrying this yarn…. also all of your help! Love the great customer service!! Enjoy the photo!!

- Marie

I’m so glad I found your website. I have fell in love with nylon thread crochet. I was disappointed when the colors I found on other sites were very few. Then I came across your site and WOW, there are so many colors to choose from it’s hard to decide what colors to choose first. The shipping was FAST too! You do a great job and I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Have A Great Day! Thank You,

- Pamela

Dear Mona, I am just overwhelmed by the quality and ease of use with the Sinfonia yarns! I have crocheted for over 40 or 45 years and have never used such a great quality yarn as this. I have searched several hobby/craft stores and found this yarn only at Hobby Lobby; but, they only carry a few of the colors. That’s why I am so excited to have found your website. I have tried to substitute yarn for projects with Lustersheen but have only been disappointed. It seems to be fuzzy and unstable which is another reason I am in love with Sinfonia. I could go on and on but I would only be telling you what you already know. Thanks for your time and again, thank you for carrying such a wonderful product. I have found a new home to shop and enjoy! Sincerely,

- Rita

Hi Mona: I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Estilo yarn. I ordered from you for the first time a few months ago & am finally getting to work with some of the yarn. Currently, I’m working on Kim Guzman’s Garden Party Wrap using the Estilo. I can’t believe how light the yarn is & it’s so easy to work with too. I’m almost done with the wrap and haven’t even used ONE full skein. I’ll be sure to send you a picture when I’m finished & I’d love to be a part of the Omegaholics Club too. I also purchased the Sinfonia for Doris Chan’s shawl. Can’t wait to start that project.

- Karen

Hi Mona Just wanted to let you know that I just received the beautiful Omega thread—just LOVE this thread!! The colors are just soooo gorgeous! I use #120 ALOT & have been desperate to find some more! I know I will be ordering it again, soon.

Hi Mona, Thanks so much for your quick assistance! I absolutely LOVE Omega yarn… have only used the cotton thread, bebe tamm and omegacryls. I crochet and sell my items on ebay, usually a lot of custom orders. I crochet alot of baby and doll items, booties from 1″ in length and up.

- Lynn

Gosh i am very excited i found omega thread source i consider it the best in the world for crocheting love the stuff!!!

- Carmen

Omega Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Maryjean

Mona, I was absolutely thrilled to find you! I have a small knit and crochet item business that I have been running for about 3 years at this point and I am always thrilled to find a yarn to fall in love with! I was in the Chicago area on vacation when I stumbled across the Sinfonia in a Hobby Lobby there. I fell in love instantly. Most of the items I make or am asked to make are done with all natural fibers – so finding a beautiful cotton with such saturated beautiful colors and the sheen that the Sinfolnia has were, very sincerely, a dream to have found. Having returned to Seattle (where we do not have Hobby Lobby) I started my search for more of this wonderful stuff! I can only imagine that you will see a great deal of me over time – well, at least as long as this yarn is available 🙂 Thanks for the note and for the quick turn around.

- Nissa

Hi Just wanted you to know I’m delighted with my order! I will be ordering more soon. Thanks again,

- Dorothy

A few weeks ago I placed a small order for your nylon thread to “try it”. I absolutely love it. I am so happy to find it. I did a search on the internet and found your website and am thrilled with the colors you have available. I make purses and your thread is perfect, I love the way they make up. Can’t wait to receive this order, Thanks again,

- Suzanne

I want you to know how much I am enjoying using this product. I have been using it for a few years but the color choices at the craft store were so limited I ran out of options. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide for us crochet fanatics. I have made several of your purses; Grandiose, Charmed, and Dreamboat. I have made Charmed in Red and Purple and sold them to the Red Hat Ladies. They love them! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I don’t know how many ways to say thank you. I have ordered twice from you so far and appreciate the timely fashion in which I receive the merchandise. I will be ordering again real soon. Can’t wait to try some of the colors I haven’t seen yet. Again, Thank you!

- Lillian

I wanted to let you know that I received my thread yesterday. Thanks so much for another great transaction and for the great prices too. My friend is going to love the colors.

- Shelly

Love , love, love this thread! I’m not sure I’ll ever want to crochet with regular yarn ever again.

- Sheila

Here are a few of the purses I have been working on for my Nephews Wedding thats May 25th! Thanks so much for getting me the thread in such a great fast time… I needed that extra time to get them done! And THANKS so much for supplying us with great colors in the fantastic thread! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Hugs,

- Mickie

I LOVE this thread. It simply Rocks!!… The World must know the truth……LOL

- Barbara

Hello…I found your website and I just wanted to say how much I love the omega nylon thread.. I had to go to Mexicalli Mexico to find it…

- Gloria

I was excited before I even opened the box. The colors are wonderful. I looked long and hard for something like this. I will likely order more of my favorites and will try some of the other sizes as well. Must play around with what I have for a while though… I love it and will look forward to the last color. Thank you!!!!!

- Joan

I received my order of Omega La Campana nylon thread (ordered from Crochet Style). I ordered the dark red. It is absolutely beautiful soft thread. The sheen, texture, richness in tone, etc. I’m making a handbag with it but I ordered some more because I decided to try to make a dress with it. I’m so excited I just had to share. When I finish the bag I will try to post pics but I’m sure the color on the internet will not do the actual color justice…. Mona (Crochet Style), thanks for the new threads…..

- Ceci

Thank you for making this yarn available in the states. I first seen this yarn 2 years ago in a magazine. I tried my best to find out how I can purchase it. Then about a month ago I saw the advertisement in the Crochet Magazine and went right to the web sight immediately. I was so happy that I was able to finally get the nylon yarn in such a variety of colors. I have created a pocketbook that I can use at work that I can also carry my work id on the outside and it has been a very popular item with my co workers. I was only able to get a few colors from J&P Coats so this is really great for me. I will definitely be ordering more items in the very near future because I am going to be trying out some other projects also with the yarns.

- Kimberly

I have just made my second purchase of Omega #18 nylon crochet thread. I received my first order two weeks ago and I have made 8 purses already. This stuff is fantastic. So glad I found your site.

- Margaret

HI, I have absolutely adored my first shipment. Its made bracelets, necklaces and pocket books. I would like to try LA Compana.

- Debra

Yes this is fun, I can’t wait to get started. I think I would like to try 60 and 54 I like your idea of the variegated purse body and the ruffle and the strap in solid with variegated edging. It should be a really fun summer ensemble. I am ordering today the pattern for the purse seen below. I will never get any housework done What a wonderful combination. Sunny warm weather and omega thread!!!!!!!!! Life truly is beautiful.

- Maryjean

I love the omega nylon. I use it to make macrame’ purses and belts. I found omega at a local craft store but the colors were limited. I was so excited when I found your website. I have used several of the colors and can’t wait to order more. Thanks again,

- Ruth

HI, I have absolutely adored my first shipment. Its made bracelets, necklaces and pocket books. I would like totry LA Campana

- Debra

I’m very interested in Omega Thread. I first bought Omega Thread while vacationing in Chicago in 1992 and made a beautiful table cloth. My mom was able to purchase some spools for me a few years ago while she was vacationing in Puerto Rico. All projects done with this thread are truly beautiful! As you might know J. P. Coats has nylon thread, but Omega is truly a better choice. Specially with the limitless amount of colors available.

- Coral

Wow…Thank you so much for the quick response. I would love to swap photos of our creations. I love what you have done with the site as well as your assortment of accessories. It is so crazy to see concepts & ideas that I’ve had for the nylon through your hands. For example, the watchband…or the eyeglass holder. I do a lot of blending (combining the colors at one time) & love how the nylon looks. I am new to the game of Crochet but the Omega Nylon is what got me hooked.

- Sara

Yes this is the greatest thread I have ever used. The nylon I have is 2 – 275 m (300) yds. in white which I am using to make a Annies Attic Bride Doll from ’89

- Wilma

I just love your project’s in your slideshow. How do I get my hands on the instruction’s to those beautiful purses. I just love crochet purses. thank you in advance and GOD BLESS YOU.

- Marie

Just finished a lovely red Christmas Purse with the Hilos 18 I ordered from you, and it came out soooo great! I love it! It was supposed to be a gift for my daughter, but now it’s mine and I just ordered some variegated blue to make her one. Here’s hoping I can get it done by Christmas!

- Nancy

Okay I am hooked (pun intended). I’m sure you know that crocheting with Omega makes the purses look just like the very expensive Sak purses. I’m so excited Thank you so much for thinking of me. Hugs and blessings from my heart to yours.

- Maryjean

Oh I love nylon thread. I was so annoyed when JPCoats discontinued the red thread. I’m mid-project using it with red fur yarn knitting a purse. So THANKFULLY I found you! Thanks again!

- Carly

I have been using the Hilo Omega #2 for several years now. this makes the most absolute “best-ist” kitchen scrubber going!!!

- Peggy

Thanks for responding so quickly! You have been so helpful and I really appreciate everything. I have been so happy with my orders. I love the fact that it doesn’t fray and get fuzzy like yarn does. That’s one of the reasons why I bought it to try out. I was also really happy with the colors. I just love the multi blue! The computer pictures never do them justice! Thanks so much! I’ll be back for more! 🙂

- Audra

I love the La Espiga!!! The colors are wonderful and I’m making some great stuff with them. This is going to be a great relationship. Can’t wait to get more colors. Thanks so much for the quick delivery. Even my mailman wants to know what I’m doing! Sincerely, Your newest fan,

- Sheila

Could you share your website with me? I LOVE Omega Nylon and cannot find a local source anywhere! I love making purses with the nylon cording!

- Karen

Beautiful work… I searched for weeks to find nylon thread. My husband’s grandmother turned me onto it years ago and I never really did much with it… then purses became popular and I thought I will make some in nylon and low and behold searched and searched until I found it… only found black and white!!! Wow just beautiful work… and I am looking forward to starting my own projects even more now. I have made 3 felted purses and a thick red heart bag so far!!!!

- Birdie

Thanks for the 411, I had no idea they came in that many sizes. I’ve been using it for the past 3 or 4 years and its great!