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#6 La Espiga

#6 La Espiga


Omega’s  La Espiga nylon 6, has 7 oz. per roll, 410 yards,  Recommended hooks B/1. Compares to #3 cottons. Discount for a 4 pack of 1 color!

Hilos Omega and La Espiga Nylon thread is the best and most versatile thread available for crocheting or knitting and many other crafts. It is 100% nylon and has a great shine, no hazy “fuzz” like cotton thread or yarn. It simply slides through your fingers. Then nylon shinners which makes your creation look very rich and allows soil resistance. You really have to try this nylon thread to realize how great it is to work with and a great change. It does not stretch, keeps it’s shape, it’s heavy, and strong which makes it great for bags. And the tremendous selection in colors enables you to have any color combination you can imagine. Size #24, 18, 9, 6, 5, and 2 are all the same in texture, just different thicknesses. Size #10 has a little different texture than the other sizes. It’s very shiny, almost like satin and very soft. Size #3 metallic is a great glitzy thread with a strand of metallic wound around the nylon




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