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Rainbow Shawl Pattern

Rainbow Shawl Pattern


 This very easy crocheted shawl pattern is made with La Perla (available here), a beautiful lace weight 100% cotton yarn. It’s so light and airy, perfect for jeans and a formal occasion. The whole garment only weighs 7 ounces. Colors used 610 olive, 611 lt olive, 612 mint, 627 lt pink, 631 mauve, 632 burgundy, 603 brown, 604 lt tan, 626 cream, 615 lt blue, 622 smoke blue, 637 deep orange, 608 pumpkin, 606 lt orange, 625 lilac, 633 dark purple, 640 deep maroon, 638 red flare, 628 rose, 623 baby blue, 620 royal blue, and 617 navy.1 skein of each






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